Why Contracts are a Must

This podcast is ALL about contracts. Which is sort of like grammar. See (mmm... nix that) Hear for Yourself.

Show Notes:

Why are contracts a must? BECAUSE I SAID SO. And also to:

  • Avoid conflict
  • Be clear about what you'll provide
  • Overstate what can be expected of you
  • Outline what isn't your responsibility
  • Decrease liability!


Wynne Reece with The Creative's Counsel
Annette Stepanian's podcast Office Talk 
Creative Empire Co. podcast Episode 46: Everything You Need to Know to Legally Protect Your Biz with Autumn Boyd
Autumn Boyd has her own podcast: Legal Road Map

Press play above (or listen on iTunes: Sixpence Standard) and hear why I think you should be friends with your contract!
(Photo credit by Raw Pixel from Unsplash.com!)



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