PODCAST: How to Follow Up After a Styled Shoot

Episode Notes:


Styled shoot: a photo shoot with the opportunity for creative businesses to be creative
Published: a blog, magazine or advertising/marketing agency publishes the images of your styled shoot online or in print
Submission: submitting the images (and video?!) of the styled shoot to a blog, magazine or advertising/marketing agency. They will also want the vendors involved and their websites (possibly also their social media handles), and sometimes information about the day.
Exclusivity: some blogs, magazines, advertising/marketing agencies ask that 1) the photos have not been published anywhere else and 2) that they continue to not be published anywhere else for like 6 months or something. They want the images to be exclusive

NOTE: if you are not the photographer of the styled shoot, make extra sure that you have PERMISSION from the photographer to use their images



Step 1) Handwritten thank you card sent out the day after the shoot. Zero procrastination allowed

Step 2) Follow up email asking for reviews (see below)

Step 3) Blog post

Step 4) Portfolio/Gallery page

Step 5) Review page = photo + vendor review

Step 6) Slather those images all over social media, for a week in a row and then schedule posts out in the future
Type A) Woo hoo and Hurrah! about submission acceptance and publication, tag and thank mag/blog + ALL vendors involved
Type B) Posts about your business tagging the vendors in the photo + photographer


EMAIL follow up format

Thank You
Wasn't it fun when...
Time limit
Eye for an eye
Link to where you want reviews
Personalized signature
[Photo, business name, location, phone #, website, email address, notable awards and memberships]

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.s. tell me what's on your mind and if you have more QUESTIONS about styled shoots! Interested in having Sixpence plan your next styled shoot? Send me an email with the subject line: 6d Plan My Styled Shoot

It's important to really squeeze as much as you can out of styled shoots, because everyone is putting a lot of energy and effort and money and time into this one collaboration. Do it right and you'll be remembered, and that's the first step towards becoming a referred and preferred vendor! Next step? Well, you'll need to lend me your email for that!


Header image by Dillinger Studios, and yes! It was from a styled shoot, check out the entire shoot here.