How to Create Your Wedding Day of Timeline


I know I promised a repeat of what was said in the episode here in the show notes. BUT instead, I really want to just show you what a day of timeline, created by yours truly, looks like. Yes. I did use Aisle Planner for this. Yes, I whole heartedly suggest that you, bride or groom, sign up for a free account (click here). AND I also suggest that you, wedding planner or other vendor, sign up for a free trial (code: UTV). Now on with it!


Click here to view one and click here to view another.


It can't just be the timeline that guides the wedding day, but it can come pretty GD close. I also pack, perfectly folded in fourths, into my fanny pack: vendor contact information, processional outline, and family photo shot list. MUSTS.

Also a must: hiring a day of coordinator (bare minimum) or wedding planner (best practice) to help you get your shit together and execute a wedding that you won't want to leave or to end or to be over and then you're waking up the next day with only one eyelash on, hair stuck to one side of your face, multiple pairs of shoes littering the floor, thinking to yourselves, 'we should do that again'. SMILEY FACE EMOJI.