How to Film Your Honeymoon


Annabelle is doing what I want to do, at some point, in my life. She's traveling permanently, like wheels up, come fly with me, up up and away. Her and her husband Christian are exploring this great country of ours (America, for those of you from


As a novice social media and camera anything, I am finding Annabelle’s course immensely helpful and insightful. My husband and I are big trip takers and we never capture anything, lol.

Maybe 1 selfie like every other trip. That’s zero pictures from our trip to Nashville, none in Vegas, none from that camping trip to Blue Mounds and none from our extended weekend in Arizona.

Are you the same? Do you want to remember your amazing trip (ahem, like your honeymoon), but are concerned that you won’t capture anything truly worth remembering aside from the creepy humongous crickets in Mammoth cave or the seals sunbathing in San Diego (literally what we take pictures of).

I wholeheartedly suggest opting into Annabelle’s free course, the best part, if you feel overwhelmed after capturing all that footage, of how are you going to paste it together so that it looks more like an REI commercial and less like an 8th grade school project on mono, Annabelle will still be there. Her editing skills will make your trip worth watching over and over again.


Here are 6 extra suggestions on how to enjoy the crap out of your honeymoon:

  1. Aside from the moments where you film your trip - and Annabelle does clarify how long this need take in the course - be unplugged. Turn that thing on Airplane mode, disconnect from the wifi and cellular data and BE in the moment. Enjoy that live music at the brewery, marvel at the architecture unhindered, and get lost in each other’s eyes over whiskey cocktails.

  2. Make a plan to have no plans. Don’t lock yourselves into time sensitive activities, allow for some flexibility so you can wake up and go, or book the night before. That way you’re only doing things because you want to and not because you already paid the non-refundable deposit.

  3. Stay close to the action. I know there is some appeal to saving a lot of dough and staying in a nicer place out of town a bit, but let me put it to you straight. You did not go on vacation to commute to your vacation every morning and then commute home to the hotel every night. Staying closer to the action, to the things you want to do, bars, restaurants and cafes, means you can be more flexible. You can pop back to the hotel to change quick or take a quick nap or a shower.

  4. Be a local. Ask the locals where they like to eat, what their favorite hiking spots are, and things they love about where they live. We have found some of our favorite spots this way. You can also do this task before you go with a little shout out on social media, “In search of recommendations for…”.

  5. Be even more of a local. Take the bus or the train to explore the city, or WALK. We LOVE doing this and often end up walking through the seediest parts of town lol. But then we feel like we really know the town, and we find some really cool hidden gems along the way.

  6. Do the things that you wouldn’t do at home.

  7. Example 1. We don’t have cable or Netflix or Hulu or Apple TV or none of it. In fact we are in the process of getting rid of our movies so it’ll be library borrowed dvds or youtube and that’s it. This means when we go on vacation, and when we stay in a hotel, we are all over HGTV. We watch it before bed and fall asleep happier than a kid in a candy shop.

  8. Example 2. We LOVE freshly juiced juice, so wherever we go we always try to find a juice shop, and we get freshly juiced juice every mother loving day. MMMMmmmmm.

What are your favorite trip tips? Where are you headed for your honeymoon? Comment below because I’m dying to know!


Really dig into what is important and meaningful to you, it will help you decision making process and help your wedding to feel like 'us', to feel like it actually represents the two of you.


P.S. As a major bonus for you, you who have scrolled all the way to the bottom of this post, check out myALL TIME FAVORITE TRAVEL VIDEO. It is like super inspirational, terribly adorable and I hope it inspires the shit out of you.