Properly Planning the Moments of Your Wedding Day

It's always a great idea to allow ample time in your days timeline because rushing on your big day turns everything into a muddled hot mess. Instead be sure you put space in between the things of your day so you can truly enjoy the moments of your wedding day.

Here's some ideas of whens to make sure you do and how.

Dress hanging in the window | Wayzata Country Club | Mark Fierst Photography | Acowsay Cinema | Sixpence Standard blog post

Getting ready get cute napkins, give your bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts, be in a cozy place. If Coors is your thing, have a cooler jam packed, if it's winter, get ready in flannel by the fire. Once you're ready, have the photographer snap shots of you and your pals but make sure you've got plenty of time, because once you're dolled up and dressed you are likely going to want to stay sweat free (and sometimes nerved can make you 

This moment is the culmination of a thousand moments, ordinary ones, magical one, and memorable ones.

First look and couples photos. Whether your first look happens at a pre-scheduled moment before you have your ceremony, or as you are walking down the aisle, leave time to capture it. If you are strictly traditional in your first look, then perhaps walk down the aisle to a particularly meaningful and fairly long song. Like start to finish 5 minutes, if your aisle allows for that without making you look like you are hesitating each step that brings you closer to your spouse-to-be.

If your first look is happening after you get ready and before wedding party photos, I really suggest, leave a minimum of 1 hour for it. It's not like the actual process of the reveal is lengthy, instead that moment is full of the 'shit just got real' feelings. You'll want to take deep breaths together, really look at each other, because you want to remember this day forever.

Talk with your photographer to ensure that their priorities for pictures, match up yours, and that their timeline is properly communicated, then you can inform your family and bridal party of what to expect, and all other vendors (hair and makeup, lunch etc.), won't feel abandoned when you disappear for 60 minutes, which you are totally allowed to do so don't feel guilty.

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Down time before the wedding and after photos (family, bridal party, first look; in that reverse order). You don't want the day to feel like you are being pushed and pulled into one thing and onto the next. Like you don't have a chance to catch your breath in what might be a corset top, with butterflies swarming in your stomach. Before a panic attack sets in, or even just the first signs of feeling stressed, take a moment to sit down, unbutton your jacket, and toss around a few jokes, memories, and deep breaths. Think about what Beyonce does before her performances:

I say a prayer with everyone in the band, we do a stretch, I sit in my massage chair while they do my hair and makeup and I have an hour of peace and I have a playlist I listen to everyday and that's my ritual and it takes me a few hours. (Source: Telegraph)

And that's just for a concert, it's not like she's committing her life, in front of friends and family (and strangers because you might not know all the in-laws yet), to one person for EVER and EVER. So, yeah, you should also take a moment, breathe, and be.

A pause before walking down the aisle. This one is quick and easy and just requires a little reminder. Have everyone line up in your bridal party etc. for the processional just a little bit early. After the last pair has made it down the aisle (or flower girl if you choose that order), allow for a pause in the music, the officiant can ask everyone to stand, which they will, and they'll turn to see. You and your escort should count to 5 then start walking. Build the suspense, think of it as a commercial break before the final rose. Gather yourself and take that walk like you mean it, full of intent and determination.

First look photo | Mark Fierst Photography | Sadie's Floral | Acowsay Cinema | Wayzata Country Club | groom in pink tie | white rose bouquet | Sixpence blog

A pause during your ceremony to take it all in. Unless you nerves have got you equating the crowd of people to the ledge of a 50 story building, because if that is the case then I think you should focus on not fainting or hyperventilating (#stagefrightisreal). But aside from any personal problems you may have with being the center of attention I advise asking your officiant if they can help you to be cognizant in some manner of the stage you have set for your ceremony. 

A few of my favorites: giving away the Bride/Groom, looking at your audience while the officiant explains why they have gathered, taking a ceremony selfie.

Time alone now that you are MARRIED. I know you'll have plenty of time alone once the hubbub is over and the relative have left, BUT it is your wedding day, and it kind of matters that you two are in it together, as one. Because after everyone leaves it will be just the two of you and you should just take a moment to be alone, like nobody else, and kiss and have an intimate uninterrupted moment.


The chance to pee. This one's easy. Buffer your schedule to allow for pee breaks. If you are wearing a dress, have a buddy to help you keep your dress urine free. If you're wearing a suit with suspender, maybe have a buddy to ensure you don't walk around untucked or tangled.

Time alone at the end of the night, that might mean skipping the after party. Make it appoint to go to bed together, I think this is a good one for life in general, but certainly on your wedding night you don't want to hit the hay alone.

First dance | Mark Fierst Photography | Sadie's Floral | Acowsay Cinema | Wayzata Country Club | Sixpence blog

A few of my favorite moments at my wedding? The moment when I descended the stairs to rows of bright, smily faces as I approached the aisle. The moment when my husband winked at me at the altar. That moment when I realized peeing backwards on a toilet is a thing. That moment when my dad and I danced to Butterfly Kisses and my mom bawled in the crowd.

Already married? What's one of your favorite moments?

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


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