Do I Need a Wedding Designer


Annie and I implore you to have a better plan for what to do with the flowers you have at your wedding. This is the best way I know of to start the show notes for this episode. Here are a few ideas:

  • Donate to hospice (NC Little in Edina is a good one) or a nursing home

  • Let guests take home flowers*

  • Take them home yourself **

*Make sure your flowers are in take home vases or plastic containers

**Make sure you have car space and sober drivers. Also make sure you aren't leaving for your honeymoon immediately afterwards


Signage is like a fancy visual butler, it provides your guests with a tool to know where to go and when. A weird thing happens when your guests are knowledgeable. They tell other people the things and they answer questions from other guests who might otherwise feel inclined to ask you, the bride or the groom (whichever one you are).

And we all can agree, you have already reached your wedding question quota. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Read, How to Keep Your Cool While Planning Your Wedding.


Hire A Vintage Touch Weddings + Sixpence Events & Planning. A wonderful combo.


Creative freedom is a real thing. When you hire true professionals, real artists, you can sit back and then be A-MAZED at the results. While I understand the need to have your hands on all wedding things, there are certain aspects which we all openly give up control.

Like your cake. You might go to a tasting and submit design ideas, however you do not ask to look at the recipe, nor do you give Pantone color chips for matching jam hues. Well, you might do the latter for frosting, but the point is, you keep your hands off the cake. When it comes to hiring a designer you need to trust that they will deliver.

Trust. It's not just for high school bonding moments.  


I think it starts with a Pinterest board and a good vendor search. You'll want the vendor you hire's portfolio to match what you've got pinned, otherwise what are you doing in life? Once you meet with and hire your wedding designer you'll sit down and have a meeting to determine what you need in terms of design and how it will come to be.

Style boards or mood boards are literally the best. They'll give you an idea of what your wedding will look like. They are not, however, an exact blueprint of what your wedding will be. Your wedding will be unique and one of a kind and fabulous.


  • Be sure to communicate with your venue the needs of your designer: early access, electrical, parking and load/unload.

  • Give your designer the information they need before they need it: guest list, table seat assignments, room layout, color selections etc.

  • If you hire a designer, don't add your own DIY items to the mix. Keep it cohesive. Exceptions: guest favors and things that will not be placed within the mix like wedding party gifts or the flower girl/ring bearer sign

  • Wedding design and rentals can be enhanced with linen, stationery and flowers. Be sure to show your mood board to those vendors so that they are all on the same page.