Nosy neighbors, that also happen to be your closest friends and family, constantly asking questions about how your wedding planning is going. Well meaning, super supportive, lovely. But after some time the same question from the same people, tend to rub you the wrong way. You tend to have feelings of second guessing, stressed timeline, and your answers might start to sound, well, cranky.

Don't stress. Absolutely call us, we can help finish planning for you, because this is supposed to be the best day of your life and planning should be fun and easy. Secondly, try one of the following five responses to stem your frustration:

  1. Even when people ask the same questions, tell them different answers. Question: What does your dress look like? Answer with: where you got it, OR, what you like most about it, OR, how your bridesmaids dresses coordinate, OR, your bridal accessories.
  2. Pick one or two things to tell instead of divulging every detail. Question: How's planning your wedding going? Answer with: 'Great, we hired a planner!' OR, talk about the venue, OR, talk about the guest list, etc. etc.
  3. Be brief and change the subject. There's no need to talk for hours, especially if you are feeling burnt out; answer politely and then ask the person something about themselves.
  4. Smile and slowly walk away, backwards, nodding and softly laughing (This is probably a horrible suggestion) (Correction: this is a horrible idea).
  5. Politely respond by saying that you, in fact, are excited for the day but don't want to leak any planning secrets - you'd rather wow unsuspecting guests!

The best way to avoid going crazy from pre-wedding questions is to use the ultimate scapegoat: 'We are very excited, our planner is handling all the details, we just have to show up!'

Think about it, then contact us!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,