Why Wedding Videography is Important


Gerick and Jenny Engle Olson are a rockin’ team who work side by side when it comes to videography and when it comes to life. Plus the pizza crust story makes me laugh whenever I just think about it... good old car fights.


Videography is the best type of storytelling your wedding could have. There is an explosion of artistic expression as soon as the film starts rolling, and you may not get to have that experience with your photography. Photos are a great way to capture a moment and then look back to relive it, but videos take that moment and give it life.  

Most brides and grooms reflect that their wedding day was a blur, that they hardly saw their guests, they don’t remember what happened here or there, I’ve had brides who forgot they cut their cake! Reflecting back on the wedding video can be just as fun as living through the day.


All the regular wedding events, your vows, the first dance, toasts and your grand entrance into the reception; all of that should be captured. But don’t forget your guests. You want your guests to have the best time, that’s why you’ve been so meticulous about the menu, the decor, even the type of chairs your friends and family will sit on. Since you’ve set up your wedding for guest success, don’t you want to capture them have fun, laughing and enjoying celebrating your love?


Jenny and Gerick wed at Bloom Lake barn, and because that like just happened, they feel incredibly adept at giving you some barn wedding advice. Make sure to ask questions of what is provided at your venue, especially your barn venue.  There may be things that you pay for separate from the rental fee, and not knowing right away about those things (like a security guard or a parking attendant) can feel like you’re getting slapped with a handful of hidden fees. Really read your contract, ask questions like, ‘what to brides and grooms usually forget?’, or ‘how can we be best prepared for our wedding?’. You’re venue wants you to have a successful wedding, so let them help you.


Living together before you get married is  highly recommended. It allows you to get used to a large lifestyle adjustment before you make it legal. It also makes registering for your wedding easier. You might already have a lot of stuff together, so you can ask for less, or ask for things that you really, truly want.

Trust your Videographers. They know what they’re doing. They know what to shoot. Let them take control.