I have yet to meet someone who regrets hiring a wedding videographer. They cherish the ability to review their wedding vows, their dinner toasts; of seeing grandma Eddie one last time and remembering how goofy their friends seemed on that night. And even if you don't get a high quality, oscar-ready, hollywood style video, you are still going to sincerely appreciate capturing these moments.

Now don't think this is an either/or suggestion. You must have a photographer, film is not a substitution. However, I would like to convince you that you also must have a videographer. Here it goes: Josey compels her readers to hire videographers for their major life events.

  1. Photos don't speak to you. This is not an artistic prose. This is fact. When you view your beautiful wedding images, you cannot hear anything. You can't hear the words that were said, by the people that were there. You can't hear the wind or see how it gently gusts your veil up into it's arms and softly let's it linger in the rays of the sunshine. In the case of this incredible video, by these incredibly talented videographers: The Mountain directed by Mann Frau. 
  2. Video illuminates the moments in our lives. Let's face it, in our world we are terribly focused on what's next, where we are going and how quickly we can get there. Film forces us to slow down, to contemplate the things we've done and how we've done them. Remember that I am talking specifically about your wedding video, not about the murder mystery thriller film starring Liam Neeson...
  3.  It's nice to relive nice moments. As human beings we like to feel good about ourselves. For some reason they are really good at melting into the background, keeping you from being distracted while the film is rolling. Videographers are really quite excellent at capturing the moments in which we feel good about ourselves on film. That's why we tend to like movies in general which have happy endings (like Tangled) and not so much poor endings (like Hannibal). Aye.
  4. It's usually a small investment overall. The average cost of weddings in MN is closer to $30k than $20k; a great range of videographers that I would suggest = one, two, three, starting at less than 5% of your wedding budget. #Crazytalk. If I were you I'd spend closer to 10%. #Truetalk.
  5. It's good to see all the sights. Because you're just one person you may have missed some important, or at the very least, some entertaining happenings during the wedding. Thank goodness you hired a videographer, so you can bask in the entertainment for ever and ever.
Movies are different because they can capture, probe, explore the world in ways no other medium can.
— Relevant Magazine

It's not just me who thinks this way. Limited Edition Productions videography has this to add:

A wedding day is so full of love and emotion and we are honored to be part of the big event to capture emotions and moments that can then be relived for years to come. We truly want to make this film about you, you are the stars. First looks are a must. Even if you've only been apart for a few hours, seeing each other in this 'first day of forever' moment is priceless.

What else? Did I miss something? Comment below and let me know why you hired a videographer!?

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P.S. I did extensive research on this topic, to bring you only the most important facts of life (on wedding videography) possible. Here is my bibliography in link form: Relevant Magazine, Cracking Yarns, and consulted my videographer friends for their advice and insight. Header photo by Noom Peerapong, thanks Noom!