6 Things You Must Know Before Getting Married in Minnesota

Your wedding in Minnesota will be unlike that in any other state or country. Not just because you are you and you’re an individual. Here in the land of 10,000 lakes couples getting married will be wise to heed the following advice for getting married in Minnesota.

  1. There are a ton of free and low cost wedding fairs.
    Go to them, meet vendors, get ideas, broaden your Minnesota wedding horizon and make it easier on yourself.
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  2. Wedding season is May through October because winters are cold and it snows.
    That means if you would like to get married May through October be prepared for peak season rates and book your must have vendors well in advance. For venues, that could be a year plus out, for vendors, that’s 8-12 months (best practice).

    If you’re having a winter wedding be cognizant of how far guests will travel. Best practice is to have your ceremony and reception at the same location, even better if it’s walking distance to the hotel.

  3. Your wedding day is just one day.
    Albeit a really important day, but still just a small blip in the whole span of your life together as a couple. Keep your cool, pace yourself planning and enjoy the process. Hiring a wedding planner, or at minimum a day of coordinator, is key to a happy engagement.

  4. Your family means well and wants to help. Help them help you.
    If you’ve got a large or small Minnesotan family that you come from or are marrying into, let it be known that said members will want to help. That might mean as little as giving unsolicited wedding advice at the most inconvenient times, or it might mean baking 250 Rice Krispie treat hearts dipped in pink frosting with gold sparkles on top.

    Make a list of things you might want people to help with, make another list of people who might want to help with wedding things. Connect the dots and equip yourself with answers for the, “How can I help, can I do anything for you?” questions.

  5. Not every county requires you to sign your marriage license.
    In fact, Hennepin is the only county I know of that has the couple sign their own marriage license. But guess what!? “You may apply for a marriage license in any county in Minnesota regardless of residence or where the ceremony takes place, if you are going to be married within the geographical borders of Minnesota.” Wootie. Woot.

  6. You’re going to go over budget.
    Not to be a Debbie Downer, just trying to be Realistic Rosie. The average cost of a wedding in Minnesota is hovering right around $26,000 and the majority of that money goes towards food and venue rental. Set your budget low, hire help, make compromises and don’t stress out on the things you splurge on.

    Yes, I said hire help. Protect your investment by ensuring that the day you plan is actually a day you enjoy having.

There you have, 6 Things You Must Know Before Getting Married in Minnesota. I bet you have a million more questions though. Not to worry. I’d love to help. Click here to get the conversation started about your Minnesota wedding day.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

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