Without Greenery Your Wedding Will Fall Flat

The year is halfway done but I think we can all agree, greenery isn’t going anywhere. We’ve seen a surge in the use of greens in wedding decor. Not just in bouquets, but also greenery table runners, added to signage and used as a welcome addition to the menu and napkin combo. But let’s not forget the best place to use greenery, your stationery. 

I honestly believe that without greenery, your wedding is going to fall flat. Even if you opt for silk flowers, you'll still have the color. Even if you opt for non-traditional boutonnieres, you'll still have leaves + greenery in the general decor. It's inescapable. 

Greenery is a zesty-yellow green color and as far as greens go, it seems to be a Spring/Summer color. Keep scrolling for 14 ways to use greenery (the color or the plant) in your wedding details, and don’t forget to follow my Pinterest account for more color of the year inspiration.

Use greenery the plant in:

  1. Bouquets

  2. Hair crowns

  3. Corsages

  4. Boutonnieres

  5. Table runner

  6. Table centerpiece

  7. Arbor garland

  8. Wreath for behind the head table

  9. Cake decor

  10. Napkin decor

Use greenery the color in:

  1. Stationery

  2. Frosting (on cake or cupcakes)

  3. Menu selection (foods that are the color greenery)

  4. Groomsmen tie or bowtie color

Where else are you going to use greenery in your wedding?

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,



Photos from Lynn and Lou Paper Co.

Personal side note for if you care: 

Yippee!! My Aunt Susie has moved to Arizona, bought a house and (for the moment) says I can visit her anytime! You know what that means? It means any one getting married in Arizona will have a significantly easier time having Sixpence Events at their wedding. Yup, that's me, your Phoenix wedding planner to be. #ILoveYouCactus