Here's how to start wedding planning, here's how to do it right without repeating steps of getting stuck. Comment below with ways you've pushed into the planning part of your engagement.


Congrats, I am so super totally friggen excited for you and I want you to know, there is no pressure to get married right away.


Give yourself some space and some time to be. Being engaged is its own life stage and it should be cherished and realized. So, take your time. Maybe go to dinner with friends and family and cheers to the fact that you two, you and your new fiance, have declared: 'I am willing to spend forever with you and I am excited to do it.'

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Not ensure, but insure. Did you get a shiny rock as a symbol of your impending commitment? Be sure to add that investment to your renters or home insurance. You'll need a copy of the appraisal from the jeweler, but other than that it's a simple and quick process.


If you listen to the podcast (Under the Veil) then you know how strongly I feel about getting sorted on what it is you want your wedding to look like, feel like, be like, before you depart on your planning journey.

I feel so strongly about it, in fact, that I created a quick email course just for you. To get sorted on what you want, to determine a wedding budget, so you know how much it is that you can spend, and at the end of it there's a quick win (because you'll need those to stay motivated and feel like you are accomplishing wedding things).

All you have to do is lend me your email and I will send you that course.

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Once you've talked it over, determine what you want your wedding to be like, you'll need help getting there. And while you might be thinking this is the perfect time for me to plug my wedding planning services, I'm actually going to suggest something else. Something that, if you are not hiring a wedding planner, is a MUST

Sign up for a free account on Aisle Planner. 

What is Aisle Planner??? 

It is an online wedding planning tool, complete with a comprehensive and flexible checklist, a timeline creator, budget tracker, vendor list maker, guest compiler, seat assigner, website designing DREAM COME TRUE!

I use it with my wedding planning clients, my wedding planner friends use it with their clients; my clients appreciate the ease of use and how pretty and organized everything looks, and I appreciate having a robot personal assistant easily accessible through the internet.

Sign up for Aisle Planner, either because you hire a planner (me), or first thing if you aren't having a planner. It will ensure that you are sorted and organized and that you will not have to redo things you've already done.


You opt for The Knot or something other to gather guest list information. Totally a cool option, HOWEVER, they likely can't quite do as MUCH as Aisle Planner can. Like if you put your guest list in Aisle Planner, it looks like this:

You'll be able to email guests updates or reminders to RSVP.

with Aisle Planner you can message wedding guests

You'll be able to assign guests to tables and track their meal option.

with AIsle Planner you can assign guests to tables and track their meal choice

You'll be able to assign guests to tasks on the timeline, like if they are doing a reading, a toast, bringing something to the venue or taking it home.

with Aisle Planner you can assign people to tasks on the timeline


That's on top of the numerous other features, like being able to demarcate whether a guest is coming from OOT (out of town - helpful for room blocks), or if the guest is in a wheelchair or needs a highchair, or if they have food allergies and ETC.

And yes, Aisle Planner is the sponsor of my podcast, Under the Veil, and therefore I am not only a huge proponent, but an affiliate.

Whether you just said 'I will' or your getting anxious to get started, your wedding planning journey should be stressless and joyful. Where are you going to start?

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.S. Header photo by Ali Leigh Photography