Wedding Jewelry for You and Your Crew

If you are thinking of skipping the jewelry, the extra stones and bling for you and your bridal crew, well, I am going to tell you to 'stop right now, thank you very much...'

And before that song is stuck in your head fo' eva' I'll quickly explain why, with the help of Sara of Goldfine Jewelry -- oooo sparkle sparkle.

bridesmaids bracelets | Goldfine Jewelry | Jeannine Marie Minnesota Photographer for weddings

Weddings are a one and done, they are a get-dressed-up, fancy to the nines, kind of event. And you aren't the only one who's going to feel pretty. You're girls (and guys), standing beside you, they are going to feel 'sexy as hell'. Mix in a little liquid courage and you're fixin' for some jazz hands, shimmy shakin', hodge-podge-swing-dance-related moves and exaggerated head swiveling that will only enhance any accessories you give them to wear.

Not that you have to buy millions of dollars worth of jewels and diamonds for them, but hey, they're willing to spend a whole day by your side, making you laugh, watching your cry (tears of joy), holding your hand and telling you how handsome you look. I think it's the least you can do to show them a token of your appreciation.

My suggestions?

Three Crystal Bracelet ($68) in Rose. Later on your gal pals can always purchase more from this location for a perfectly wearable-at-events-other-than-weddings look.

Hammered Hoop Earrings ($48) in Gold. Simple and sophisticated, perfectly paired with a strapless dress, the perfect accent for most any wedding palette.

Elyse Necklace ($220) in Oatmeal. For the non-traditional wedding looking for a naughty but nice theme. Hard meets soft with this stellar color combo, goes well with deep plunging necklines and a bold bridal party with personality.

wedding jewelry for bridesmaids | Goldfine Jewelry in Minneapolis | Jeannine Marie Photography

Not convinced yet? Here's some words of wisdom in the form of a Q & A with Sara herself:

Q.  Why should brides wear earrings on their wedding day? 

A.  Rather than giving a general answer, I would say that brides should wear jewelry that complements their personal style and their wedding dress. Jewelry is like the icing on the cake and can either make or break an entire ensemble. My favorite challenge is styling jewelry with a wedding dress. 

The jewelry not only has to look good with the dress, it also has to make the bride feel like the most beautiful and confident version of herself. Oftentimes a client will send me pictures of her dress or come to my studio with the dress so that I can either recommend or custom design the perfect jewelry to complete the look.  

Oh. boy. You guys know what a sweet tooth I have for anything custom. Seriously, weddings should be all about you, all about your style.

bridal jewelry modern | Goldfine Jewelry in Minneapolis | Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography

Q.  What's your favorite combo earring type and hair style; also necklace/bracelet type and dress style...

A.  My favorite combo earring type and hair style right now is a loosely styled bundle of wavy strands, swept to one side (with hidden bobby pins) and complemented with a gorgeous pair of long chandelier earrings. The hairstyle, as well as the jewelry, should always complement the dress.  If the dress has a Boho style, the hair and jewelry should also have a boho style.

I'm really loving the low-cut back styles that I have been seeing in dresses, particularly because it allows me to style necklaces that can drape down the back and give an elegant romantic vibe to the entire ensemble. That particular cut works best when it's the only low cut on the dress. 

I love pairing an elegant back draping necklace with a subtle pair of earrings to complete the entire look. As for bracelets, I would recommend a bracelet or bracelets that work well with the earrings or necklace and of course, the dress.

In other words: matchy matchy. 

Goldfine Jewelry | Wedding Jewelry from Minneapolis | Sixpence Events & Planning Blog
Goldfine Jewelry | Wedding Jewelry from Minneapolis | Sixpence Events & Planning Blog | Earrings for your wedding party

Q.  How does gifting jewelry to your bridesmaids enhance their experience of the wedding?

A.  Gifting jewelry to your bridesmaids is a fun way to make your wedding party feel special while giving them something that they will be able to wear and enjoy beyond the celebration. The jewelry becomes a sentimental piece that will always remind them of your special day.  

Q.  Love that, love reminiscing and having items of sentiment. >> Pause for daydreaming, return to reality << What is your design style?

A.  My design style is contemporary with an innovative twist. I'm influenced by current trends, culture, color and nature. When I design a new piece, I always try to craft it in a way that allows versatility not only in styling but also in the way the piece can be worn. A lot of my necklaces and bracelets can be worn in over 5 different ways.  

Versatility = awesome sauce. Check out what's new for Goldfine Jewelry here, and I strongly suggest following her on Instagram. Plus this killer video (ABOVE) with Tamara from Champagne and Macaroons - cuteeeee! (psst... you have to press play). Watch it, better yet, head to the studio and see the stuff in person!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


Photo Credit: Jeannine Marie Photography