16 Wedding Ideas You'll Get Inspired By

I’d like to take a moment, just sit right there, I'll tell you all about the wedding ideas you are going to fall in love with. Comment below if my ramblings just weren’t enough to satiate your thirst for Josey-ness, I'd love to hear what wedding ideas you love.


I was in the Minneapolis a&be bridal shop backalong, and I really had a hard time not pulling out the plastic and going home with a garment I seriously don’t need (because I’m seriously already married). The thing that enticed me the most couldn't be more opposite than the wedding dress I donned: a lace wedding dresses… with mother lovin’ sleeves.

duh. Why not wrap your body in delicious, fine open fabric? And if you really feel like sleeves aren’t your thing, how about just lace all over? I mean at least the bodice. and the skirt. and some back detail.

Photo: Dillinger Studios

key hole wedding dress with sleeves on the dock | Dillinger Studios Minneapolis Photographer | Mexican American fusion wedding | Sixpence Events & Planning Minnesota wedding planner .jpg
47Russell Heeter Photography :: Minneapolis wedding planner Sixpence Events :: Nicollet Island Pavilion :: april wedding in Minnesota.jpg


Not just for finger jewelry (or I guess any kind of bodily jewelry) ALSO my favorite accent color group. Just go to the hardware store. Buy a can of gold spray paint. Spray everything gold. Vases - check. Weird plastic animal figurines then used for who knows what - check. Seeded eucalyptus - check. Pinecones - check.

Uhm. I am running out of currently socially acceptable things to spray paint gold but I am sure my brain will keep buzzing after I post this post (ha. #postpost) Oh. Cakes. Gold cakes - however if you want to eat said gold cake - perhaps let the caterer do it, they use non-chemical, safe for human consumption gold cake spray paint.

Photo: Russell Heeter



Photos that highlight your guy. Well, if you are a woman, getting married to a woman; this one makes me seem like an a-hole. Sorry.

Let me rephrase.

Photos that highlight the person in your relationship that is not normally the center of attention.


Share the spotlight ladies - or gentlemen etc.

Photo by Carly Lavigne

Carly Milbrath Photography | Justin and Jacob | PAIKKA Minnesota Wedding Venue | Same sex wedding iwth two grooms22.JPG
Jade and Seth Bloom Lake Barn wedding | Allison Hopperstad Photography | A Vintage Touch Weddings planning nad design | Day of Coordinating by Sixpence Events 61.JPG


I found some on Etsy. Or ask your Great Aunt Mildred, she kept all of hers from the 1940s. I’m going to say it’s because she’s catholic, but I could be wrong.

Make sure your venue allows open flames, or tapered candles, before you get swept away in this idea. While they are terribly romantic, and I'm guessing you want them more now that I said you might not be able to have them, they are also a fire hazard. 

You can find the pretty fake kind (the kind that don't remind you of advent candles... and Aunt Mildred's at Christmastime) at Battery Candles DOT net!

Photo by Allison Hopperstad



Unique but simple place cards with some sort of wonderful artwork or knickknack; READ: a piece of cardstock + guest name + doodle of a common interest. More of my favorites found here.

Or skip the paper and opt for something fancier. Like calligraphy + glass or frames or paint chips or apples or anything your mind can think up.

My favorite vendor for inspirational place card displays, hands over, is Annie with A Vintage Touch Weddings. More about her here.

Photo by Janelle Elise Photography

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Sorry not sorry but it makes your wedding day more calm, more relaxed, more intimate and more about you (pl.) when you have nobody or few bodies in your bridal party.

This is perfect if your family consists of your closest friends, if you can't pick who means the most to you, or if you just want a more mature, less drama, wedding.


Photo by Russell Heeter



Don't try this one without preening through inspiration, and/or hiring an expert. Girl Friday Creative will always knock it out of the park, but feel free to DIY on a smaller scale.

The best way to keep your wedding balloons from feeling graduation party-ish - opt for the non-standard sizes and mix up the color.

I'm no expert on this topic, so check out Girl Friday's Instagram for insta-piration.

Photo by Brovado Weddings

Brovado Wedding Photography | Machine Shop Minneapolis | Sixpence Events Day of Coordinating | balloon drop during first dance | Girl Friday Creative.jpg
Ben Berndt wedding photographer | Scabiosa flower, astilbe, peonies, orange ranunculus, eucalyptus | Waconia, MN wedding | Sixpence Events free wedding planning advice


Peonies. Seeded Eucalyptus. Ranunculus. Stock. Safari Sunset. BAM! The perfect bouquet. Okay maybe some other stuff too and maybe not all together in one gathering. More inspiration found: Pinterest board: Wedding Flowers & Bouquets.

Photo by Ben Berndt



Whomever happens to have made it to the end of your wedding night, gather them round, have them circle up (ie. have you DJ announce for them to circle up). You and your new spouse will dance in the center of said circle, while your last remaining, faithful, perhaps drunk, wedding guests sway around you belting out the lines to the perfect end of night song.

NOTE: please don't pick Journey, Don't Stop Believing. Please.

Photo by Carly Lavigne

Carly Milbrath Photography | Justin and Jacob | PAIKKA Minnesota Wedding Venue | Same sex wedding iwth two grooms60.JPG
Carrie + Dave | Bloom Lake Barn | Minnesota rustic wedding | A Vintage Touch Weddings decor | Sixpence Events wedding planning inspiration


I don’t think I really need to go in depth. Think Cocoa & Fig, think completely customizable. Perfect for late night snacks, favors or in lieu of a wedding cake.


Photo by Kelly Birch



I can't. I just think floor length linen makes all the difference. It's one of my kins or pet peeves or hang ups. I wish all wedding tables everywhere were covered in floor length linen or were bare wood tables (the pretty kind).

Here's a quick cheat sheet:

Table Size // Linen Size
30" round // 90" round
30" cocktail (42" high) // 108" round
48" round (seats 6) // 108" round
60" round (seats 8) // 120" round
72" round (seats 10) // 132" round
6' banquet // 90" x 132"
8' banquet // 90" x 156"

Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography

floor length linen | We've Got It Covered, Jeannine Marie Photography-174.jpg
Nicole + Luke | Villa Bellezza | Kristina Lorraine Photo32.jpg
Nicole + Luke | Villa Bellezza | Kristina Lorraine Photo35.jpg
Nicole + Luke | Villa Bellezza | Kristina Lorraine Photo34.jpg


I cannot stand, not one bit, when guests seat themselves in a manner that leaves empty seats, NOTICEABLY empty seats in the 4th, 3rd, or even 2nd row.


Who are these people who don't like sitting in the front? Not me, or anyone like me, that's for sure. I always like to be front and center, so close you can touch the teacher's desk. 

I like the front rows full because when I got married that was a really impactful moment. Looking out at all the guests seated in their chairs and feeling this rush of emotion that, hey! All of these people are here to bear witness to my love. 

If you are planning a barn ceremony, which mostly have stationary pews, then this is something you'll need to think of. Do you also care about empty ceremony seats?

Rant continued...

If you are able to dictate you chair count, I say go for too few over just enough or extra. Some guests will last minute no show, some will be late and some will be in the back anyways bouncing a baby to keep them from wailing during your vows.

Photo by Kristina Lorraine


4 more (without photos because the turn around time is more than a second for wedding photos):

  1. Shapes. Like hexagons and triangles and dodecahedrons.

  2. Muted color palettes. I mean soft grays and pale greens. Dreamy.

  3. Non-cake cake. Yay for tiramasu.

  4. Floating candles. Said with apprehension.
    I think this kind of decor is cost effective, and romantic, but I also know it requires a hefty and monotonous set up and tear down.

    A few tips.
    - Snag dollar store vases in at least 3 different sizes, 5 is cooking with fire. You can also rent these through your rental company or, super tip, your florist.
    - Don't go too cheap on the candles or they might not stay lit.
    - Test out the candles to ensure they fit in the vase. Yay.
    - Include buckets (for quick end of night dumping), long lighters, pre-cut the wicks, and have a plan that involves loading vase boxes in the kitchen, filling vases at the sink as you unpack them, placing them on a cart (filled with water) and then carefully careening towards guest tables.
    - Oh yeah, don't fill completely with water, leave 3-5 inches at the top for the candle, water displacement and so that the flame is below the glass.

So that’s my list. Were you just wowed into inspirational ecstasy? I’m sure you were. Happy #satisfactionsunday #mayeverydaybesunday

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.S. Header photo by Aqua Fox