Wedding cake AND cupcake frosting AND flavor combinations you're sure to draw inspiration from! Your wedding cake (or if you are on trend, your wedding cupcakes) are really an opportunity for you and your fiancé to express yo-selves. Show your guests how quirky, or regular jane, or creative you are! Mix and match and pair and blend, because that's what you're about to do. Mixing your families, matching your futures, pairing together and blending your lives. (Dude. I am like a poet.)

OH the parallels!!

This post is all thanks to two lovely female entrepreneurs (did I mention Minneapolis is the best?). We've got Amy's Cupcake Shoppe's goodies photographed by Ashley Elwill to accompany the ramblings of one cuckoo wedding planner (that's me, so... tech-nic-ally three Twin Cities female entrepreneurs.). Read on for some cake combo inspiration!

Amy suggests, pairing these cakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting:

vanilla bean
cookies and cream
lemon chiffon
carrot cake


Were you wondering how frosting can be gold? Amy uses a gold edible paint to really make frosting part of the general splendor. So, you could do that to make your cake look fancy.

Also you could try chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and a marshmallow frosting.

Thinking about what to put in between cake layers? Most people choose a filling like chocolate or vanilla, but you're not most people, are you?

Spice things up and try any one of Amy's homemade jams (strawberry-raspberry, blueberry, mouth-is-watering), or salted caramel, or homemade orange curd or lemon curd...

And cake IS great, right, because you can have so many pretty designs (check out my Wedding Cakes Pinterest board) but also you can have custom creations (check out Amy's Instagram). So, yeah, cake is great -- but what about our single-serving friends, the...


I feel like the cookie monster looking at these photos, or, better yet, like a slobbery dog eyeballing sugar cups of deliciousness. 

(Because the photo is there, I am forced to suggest trying the red velvet with a chocolate covered espresso bean to top.)

When I asked Amy about that one cupcake with fruit on top she said: strawberry balsamic and thyme jelly on a chocolate cupcake, and she was serious about it.

The newest addition to the menu, which is quickly being snatched up, a chocolate cupcake with peppermint buttercream frosting and candy canes sprinkled on top. #nomnomnom

Also try the salted caramel: chocolate cake filled with caramel and vanilla buttercream frosting on top.

Feeling coy? Stick with the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. No one will call you boring, at least not to your face.

Want to venture a bit further into the land of flavor? Try a chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling, I dare you.

Need to be the baker, taking life into your own hands? Great! Amy offers baking classes. I know!! She is the best!

These are flavor combos that Amy's done before (and will do again!) but what's a flavor combo you'd like to see?? Comment below and you might just see it at her store... for sale... for less than 5 bucks... for you and for me... to buy... this is not a drill, comment below! 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,