It's important to track your wedding gifts, not just so you can remember who the hell bought you a bread dish from Peru, but also so that you can thank those that are generous enough to spend their time and their money on you. Check out this video tutorial on how to stay organized during your engagement and after your wedding!

Click here to get the template


NOTE: I have no idea what a horshoe is, but I do know that excel does not have spell check.

If you'd like your guests to be alphabetized by last name: click column 'A',  use the upside down triangle for more options, select 'sort sheet A->Z'.

Can't find a person on the list? Use 'command, F' to pop open the find function, type in the person's name and everywhere it appears will be highlighted. Woo. 

Did a group of people go in on a gift? I like to highlight that by using color coding. Add the joint gift to each person who went in on it. Select the cells, one at a time, that have the joint gift, select the paint bucket and choose a color. Example: Uncle George, Aunt Sue and Aunt Mary all bought you a 'kitchenaid mixer', which is the color mauve in each of their rows under the 'wedding gift' column. Now in two weeks when you're mom tries to convince you that Larry contributed to the gift you have evidence that Larry did not, either that or Larry didn't sign the card and is now wanting to bum on their gift. Oh Larry.