This place is literally a hidden gem. Okay well not literally, I mean literally it is a hotel and conference center that is a perfect weekend get away location for wedding parties looking for seclusion and inclusion all at the same time. Chock full of beautiful space inside and out, I was lucky enough to sit down to lunch, after adequately traversing the grounds, with Jamie Arnold and Megan McNally. Picking their brains on all things Oak Ridge here's what they want you to know about this awesome Minnesota wedding and ceremony venue.

While the indoor spaces are really accommodating, what makes this place shine are it's pockets for entertaining outside. With onsite free parking and lodging, you might call this a families wedding paradise. You could literally have a weekend retreat, during which you get married, and all of your friends and family are in attendance - they get fed, everyone dances until their feet fall off, and you get to splendor in the lovely outdoors of Minnesota.

Oak Ridge is a wonderful place to have a wedding because we offer everything onsite! We can do the rehearsal dinner, guest rooms, ceremony, dinner, reception & gift opening. Our packages offer everything as well, with table linen, draping, centerpieces, DJ, slideshow, entrées and cake… Everything is included!

In case I haven't said it eloquently enough, here is my Q&A with Jamie Arnold:

Who is your favorite bride?  My favorite bride is the one who knows what she wants.  She can tell me in detail so that her day can go as smoothly as possible and she can truly have the wedding of her dreams!

What is your best piece of advice to nervous groom's?  Hug your mom!

If you were getting married at Oak Ridge what feature would you insist on having and doing?  I think that our bonfire pits are a really fun feature to add on after dinner service.

Best season for weddings at Oak Ridge and why?  Fall… the leaves are turning, the air is crisp

Favorite menu item?  The grilled Salmon with a Smoked Tomato Bruere Blanc.


Check out the space, check out the video and as always...

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,