Vendor Spotlight: Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane moves to Minneapolis, for why? For love, and it's two-fold. Of course the first reason is because she is a loyal wife and her husband is relocating, goody for us. The second reason? Because of your love, because you need a loving photographer at your wedding!

Sarah Jane Winter Photo and Design, it all began in 2004, when Sarah started second shooting. Her business, full time might I add, started in 2011. Oh baby cakes, that is what you might call a substantial background in photography. And weddings no less, we all know what a different beast that can be, what with the emotions and the details, and the numerous photos to be captured amongst a zoo of people in the 30 minutes before the ceremony.

My twenties were like ‘let’s live here for a bit and then how about here...’ — I’ve actually lived in Minnesota before!

Her last home before MN? Rural Virginia, think mountains and vineyards. So the urban spaces of Minneapolis are really appealing, but then still being close to the wineries and the barn venues.

"I love shooting diverse landscapes and locations. I focus on candid moments and trying to capture the personalities of the people I am photographing. Having a second shooter allows for a wider coverage of angles and moments that might be happening in two different locations.

I don't travel every month for weddings,  but when I do I definitely turn it into a vacation. And although I keep normal office hours my weekends do tend to get crazy!"

A girl after my own heart she enjoys wedding venues with large outdoor spaces, good lighting, and great backdrops. With 7, 8, or 10 hour coverage, she'll fit right in. How do you pick how many hours to have your photographer at your wedding?

10 hours is if you have a long day of getting ready and then a sparkler send off at the end of the night.

7 hours is a great option if you are tight with your budget, have a a few details or don't need a lot of portrait style photos, trust Sarah Jane, stuff won't be missed.

Other advice Sarah Jane has for you readers? She suggests saving 1-2 hours before the ceremony for bridal party + family photos instead of after the ceremony. Let's say that again. Family photos should NOT be after the ceremony. Unless you've got a small family, unless you have a relaxed personality, unless your ceremony is the same venue as your reception, unless you really, really want it that way. It is your wedding after all. 

And you know those Must Have Moments that you pin onto your jam packed wedding board? The ones that showcase lovely emotions and tears and quivering lips? Well, even more of a reason to keep things intimate. Sometimes you are more willing to cry in front of your friends and not in front of 150 wedding guests.


I am so excited to meet everyone and to embrace Minneapolis!

So take the time to get acquainted with Minnesota's newest wedding photographer, follow her on Instagram and feel free to invite the twos of us to your wedding (even if it isn't in Minnesota!). 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,