Honestly delicious food with a focus on impeccably trained staff, incredibly knowledgeable chefs, and a menu that is a crowd pleaser.

Excuse me while I start drooling reminiscing about a lunch I recently had at Brasa in St. Paul with Events and Catering Manager Kim Renneberg. During which Kim proudly brags about her staff, 'they know how to dress a plate'. We can assume that means they are good at what they do, and probably something else more technical and applicable to food.

Let me tell you, my friend, it's always a good sign when the catering manager brags about her staff. Always. And the food stood up to all expectations. It was the kind of melt in your mouth, satiate a hunger you didn't know you had, ask for seconds and lick the plate food that everyone loves. Amazing dishes like crispy yuca with citrus and garlic mojo, and gumbo fried rice. 

Creole with a kick, but the kind of kick that feels more like a hug.

Not all of their menu items you order in the restaurant are available for their off-site catering. This might seem like the biggest of all bummers but the reason is to preserve quality. If you are getting married at a venue without a deep frier, then how would those plantains get fried?

If you want their yucca or plantains at your event then you're going to want your event in house, which is totally possible. And you'd be surprised, it won't be as expensive as your assuming, why? Because instead of paying for a room rental and catering, you just have to pay for the food.

Want your wedding reception at Brasa? Here's my list of 6 ways to make it great:

  1. Keep the guest list to those that are most loved and most important to you, that way you aren't jam packed into the restaurant, think around 75 attendees

  2. Use the outdoor patio space for high tops and cocktails

  3. Hire a band but be sure to check if you need to pull permits for the noise (this isn't a big deal but a necessary step)

  4. Push tables together for the harvest table style feel and use floor length linen to really make the space look elegant.

  5. Serve dinner family style, it's a really beautiful way to present food and it's really affordable.

  6. If you're invite list pushes 75, host your rehearsal dinner at the restaurant and really welcome guests to your wedding weekend.

In case you are wondering, Brasa is able to provide plenty (and I mean a ton) of options for vegetarians and those adverse to gluten. They can also do kosher-style or true kosher menus. There is a difference and if you follow a kosher diet then you likely understand what it is. If you don't, then you likely already skipped reading ahead.

Brasa aims straight for the soul with farm fresh produce, fair wages for their employees, organic where they can and always animal cruelty-free. Kim tells me that the restaurant is about coming together and enjoying your meal, from start to finish. And the best way to finish? Butterscotch pudding with a toffee crumble. Yes, please, I'll have seconds.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


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