In life and in business I find that there are MANY people I get along with, lucky me because I need to know people, because I'm a planner, remember? If you've met me, then you probably walked away thinking, 'oh, I got along really well with her'. Not trying to brag, just trying to lead in to this week's post...

Then there are a FEW people whom I more than get along with. These are people I find excuses to call, I make plans with just to chat over coffee, and these are people that you should pair with my services. Because we will knock your wedding out of the park, because we bring out the best in each other. Insert Annie Berndt of A Vintage Touch Wedding Design and Event Rentals.

So there's this thing that I want you to know about Annie, she has an event rental company but that's not really what it's about. First and foremost, she is an AMAZING wedding designer, you know, like how the heck your wedding decor is going to look. She can draw just about anything, does custom creations like a builder on HGTV and she's got FANCY handwriting, like jaw dropping, lift me up to the clouds and let me float gently back down to earth handwriting. Bless those precious fingers.

"Design is so much more than furniture and vases, it's about who the person is." Annie tells me, on our latest phone chat. "First thing when a client hires me, we go out to eat, so I can get to know them. The whole point of a wedding is for two people to come together, so the whole point of wedding design is to make it about them. The design should be like the way they would decorate their house, or the way they want to decorate their house, but injecting it with these big pieces."

Big pieces? Like an ice sculpture? No, big pieces like a kissing tree, or a 7 foot chalkboard sign with the lyrics to their first dance song handwritten on it. Or big impact pieces like personalized custom table numbers or a dessert buffet (buffet as in the antique piece of furniture).

Annie's design is the type that makes you stop and think "what is going on?" "What does this mean and what does this represent about the couple." In the best way possible. She states, "If i know that someone just wants a really pretty wedding, but won't meet with me, then I wont take that wedding. It just isn't what I do. I connect with my clients, I get to know them and love them, so much so that a pretty wedding sounds boring to me, because I know we can make it so much more than that."

I’m not just renting out pieces, I take your wedding from pretty to meaningful; from decorated to celebration city!

You can find Annie by clicking on the images. Header photo by Ryan Lucas Photography, all other images are compliments of Kelly Birch Photography, thanks Kelly :)

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,