The Modern Bride: Bouquet Preservation

Times are a changin'. I mean back in my day you had candy bars at your wedding, and you wore a garter belt, and you embroidered hankies for the important women in your life!! Well, I know most of those things are still a thing, but they aren't quite trending like they used to be. Times change, and with it, the way we wed does as well. Rings are designed differently, colors get brighter or duller or more romantic, and we all are excited to usher in the newness.

What hasn't changed, like ever? The way brides preserve their wedding bouquet. I remember I forgot my bouquet back in Washington, so I'm pretty sure it went into the compost. GD that stinks. And while you may be thinking this is an article on how to better hang those flowers, drying them with the oven or hair spraying leaves. It is not. Think even more modern.

And luckily you don't have to think very hard, Jaimee Morse has done the brain workout for us.

Think in terms of custom fine art. A single piece of artwork that features, not old, wilted flowers, that have lost their color, their luster, their scent and their vivaciousness. Instead these flowers are fresh, perfectly preserved in a photograph.

The process starts by picking out the blooms and greens in your bouquet and arranging them for a flat lay photo. Skills I have yet to master. And I get it sounds like they are going to literally take your bouquet and dismantle it, but no, they buy fresh floral of the same name, keep it chilled so it can slowly bloom to it's prettiest and fullest.

Each bloom is titled with custom hand calligraphy, your photo is framed and shipped to you.

I know you think this might be a DIY project, but so is painting your own masterpiece watercolor... easier said than done. And Jaimee Morse is an amazing photographer. Like NOT your run of the mill wedding photographer... likely your fingers will get sore double tapping your way through her Instagram feed, but take a gander anyways!

Click here for more options for backdrops, I sincerely think this part is the hardest - I mean how to break a four way tie? Available in multiple sizes, matted or not, with different frame options as well. My husband and I are big into artwork and big into our wedding day (go figure we love the day that we married) and I sincerely wish we had had this opportunity 'back in the day' (not really that long ago but hey). And actually time does not matter in this preservation technique.

Impeccably elegant. Profoundly timeless. Classically curated.

I mean I preserved my dress... it's in a box in the basement. And we've got pictures displayed, our video is in with the rest of our movies, and a scrapbook shows all the ticket stubs, paper designed elements and photo booth picture strips we had for our big day. Completely left out of the mix? That lovely bouquet that I gripped so tightly as I walked down the aisle and then back again, changed forever, finally complete, embarking on a kick ass adventure.

SO if you are the kind of reader I think you are, you'll consider preserving your wedding bouquet, if not for you, then for me. And what a great shower gift for a cousin, or a wedding gift for a friend. Or how about your parents' wedding anniversary, or your friend the Minneapolis event planner's wedding anniversary *COUGH* August 3rd *COUGH* Just check out how perfectly it compliments a space:


Oh yeah, and even if you just like the look, you aren't wedded, or you don't want your own bridal bouquet flowers as a flat lay, there's a non-custom print shop. Like pretty floral photos for anyone, for sale right now.

Now....where is a good photo of my wedding bouquet, or at the very least that floral invoice....


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


Photo Credit: Jaimee Morse