Program Procrastination

Why You Shouldn't Put Them at the Bottom of Your To Do List

You've got a to do list about 6 years long, BUT your wedding is in 6 months. So you start to PRIORITIZE things. Good. Good. for. you. I think you absolutely should do that, in fact I think you should attempt to leave your last month before the wedding, free from any planned wedding tasks whatsoever, so you can breathe and be ready to wed with minimal last-minute-things anxiety.

And while you may be putting off certain tasks like transportation or seating charts, I just am not convinced that programs need to be included in that last minute rush, nor should transportation but that's a different post.

No. I think they should be done immediately following the finalization of your ceremony, your ceremony start time, your bridal party members. You know, the things that will (or will not) be included on your programs. 

Julie Chaet with Champagne Press thinks that early on in your paper designing process a draft, at the very least, can be made of the programs. Something that matches the overall design of all the paper items for your wedding. Here's what can be included in a program:

Typically the header announces the couple, their date and venue, this is known as the title.

Listed next would be the order of the ceremony, you know the highs and the lows. Basically what you reviewed in your rehearsal.

The people who are standing up in honor of the couple or those that are in the processional.

Personalized thank you to show your appreciation that people came to your wedding and by default approve of you marrying your fiancé.

Order of events following the ceremony. Saying something like: "Head for cocktails on the veranda", is awfully charming, don't you think?

Repeat imagery from the invitation suite, things like adding a ribbon, caricatures or a drawing, your wedding logo or monogram. Make your program dual purposed: a fan or add a crossword + attach a pencil. Possibilities = endless, I could make a book of possibilities (Last Holiday anyone?)

Think of stationery as branding for your wedding

As with invitations, the etiquette, layout and printing of programs is a bit tricky, but couples that go with a paper designer for their wedding paper needs can expect someone to really guide them through the process. For Champagne Press clients a draft is made early on for the programs, that way when the decision is made on wedding party members and song selections, ceremony readings and a monogram, there isn't a delay for printing.

Is your budget bursting at the seams? Still want a program for your wedding guests? Done deal. Standard size plays into Champagne Press' low cost model; think tall and thin, sized 4x8" and double sided. There's one more way to save on cost: one large sign or chalkboard program donning the words 'you sit down, we get married, we all leave', or something slightly more eloquent.

The best timeline is to print 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding. That way any minor mishaps or last minute changes can be taken care of, without completely stressing you out. 

Not everyone has a program at their wedding, and that's fine. However, it is good to be conscious of the fact that the wedding is the reason that everyone has gathered. Think about the details sooner, pick songs that mean something to you, spend more time planning the part the counts.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,