Alright! I told Ashley during my last wedding that I’d write this post, so here it is. How to Plan a Wedding at Hyland Ski Chalet, insight and tips for a smooth and seamless best day ever! Of course don’t forget the best and biggest tip: hire a day of coordinator… like me.

**uncomfortable pause**

Kyle Loves Tori | Sixpence Events Day of Coordinating


As one of my sorority sister’s said once “The best way to start is to begin.” So here we go!

The Ridgeview room is perfect for your entire bridal party. I suggest hiring Dream Day Dressing Rooms to jazz up the space, bring in your own breakfast and lunch, and plug in some music to make your morning fun. This is a great option if your first look is on site as it cuts back on the need for transportation once the day gets going. NOTE: unless you hire a bartender for the morning hours you cannot have outside liquor. No one is tying to cheat you out of your mimosas, it’s just a liability. At $40/hour this option is TOTALLY worth it. Also NOTE you likely get access to the space at 10am, if you have a LARGE wedding party with hair and makeup starting earlier, using this room is not your best option.

OR get ready at your hotel (The Sheraton is my suggestion, see next tip) in a suite and order room service for breakfast, stop downstairs at the Starbuck’s for your coffee and use the hotel shuttle to do your first look at Normandale Lake. NOTE: suites at The Sheraton are inward facing with no natural light.


Easily done since Bloomington has 40+ hotels. My favorite is by far The Sheraton. They offer a shuttle, suites and an attached restaurant. Use Lela for your rehearsal dinner or brunch gift opening, or opt for a meeting room or one of the ballrooms. They also offer mobile check-in - which is a huge plus for family and members of your bridal party who can’t get away to do so. AND they are pet friendly!


If your ceremony is outside, seriously consider what you will do if it rains, or if it rains in the morning before your ceremony and the land because a shallow puddle half the size of Bush Lake. My best advice: plan to put your ceremony chairs on the dance floor. NOTE: if you are renting chairs for the ceremony only and using Hyland’s chairs for the reception, you likely will not get a refund on said ceremony chairs if you do not use them for the ceremony because of inclement weather. (SEE BELOW FOR MY CHAIR TIPS).


This tip is twofold. First, since your guests will be enjoying cocktail hour in the same space as your reception hall, seating guests will not take very long before dinner. Max out your social hour at 1 hour, less if you are not serving appetizers (which I 100% suggest that you do - feed your people!!).

Second, host your entire cocktail hour at least.

Because Hyland only serves beer and wine, you shouldn’t be so concerned with overconsumption - besides you have professional bartenders who are legally required to cut off anyone who is blatantly intoxicated or something like that. Host the entire time to avoid confusion and to ensure that guests will be jolly for the entire night! Switch to cash after dinner, or just host a limited amount, like one red, one white wine and 2 beer types.


A fun way to spend time with your fiance and photographer is on the ski lift! The backdrop at the top of the hill is STUNNING and sure to illicit amazing photos. Thinking of having your ceremony at the top of the hill? I strongly urge you not to if your guest count is higher than 50. Think about the logistics of getting chairs, decor and people up there. Then also think about your budget and your timeline. It’s a lot to think about and shouldn’t be opted for flippantly. Get the help of a wedding planner if you want your hilltop ceremony dreams to come to a happy fruition.


The Alpine room is a LARGE room, with vast ceilings and amazing hillside windows. You want your guests to mount those stairs (or exit the elevator) and drop their jaws with excitement? One thing that totally helps: Opting for three different centerpieces of varied height. Instead of just flowers think about using growlers with wheat grass, tall cylinder vases with pussy willow branches or lanterns to add interest.


Hyland has a great rental list, use it! High tops? Yes. Yard games? YES. Easels? YESSSSS. Chairs… uhhh see below.


It’s no secret, the chairs at Hyland fail to scream gorgeous. But if you are opting for an outdoor ceremony (and why wouldn’t you???) you’ll be renting chairs anyways. I like to use Marilyn with American Affairs, and yes, I do like those white garden chairs.

Money saving tip: rent one set of chairs and have a team of helpers move the chairs from the ceremony into the reception during the cocktail hour. Must ask helpers in advance and have a coordinator to coordinate (like how many chairs each table gets).


Check out photos from a photo shoot I planned with some incredible vendors!

Are you getting married and in need of some day of coordinating? Inquire right now and invest in a better I do day.

Prosperity, Love, & Happiness,

Photos by Kyle Loves Tori // Venue Hyland Hills Ski Chalet // Dress Annika Bridal // Suit Generation Tux // Hair and Makeup Cristina Ziemer Beauty and Makeup by Heather Trachsel // Jewelry Talks to Animals Shop // Harvest Table Kolbie's Kreative // Flowers by The Cutting Garden // Stationery by Marimayde Design // Brasa Catering // Sixpence Events and Planning