Backyard weddings are literally a handful. A handful of decor to be set up (but not too early, because what if it's windy or rainy overnight). A handful of chairs and tables to rent (because you normally don't host 150 of your closest friends and family). A handful of worries and stressors that you are reminded of every time your in the garage, walk past the rose bush or drive up to your house.

But backyard weddings are a blast. They are terribly intimate, your guests will inherently feel more comfortable and more at ease. And with the right mix of vendors, you will have a better best day ever.

Enter Megan and Andrew. Their wedding wasn't just flung together. It was well thought out and I think it shows in the pictures, because everyone had a great time, they were happy and well fed and nobody wanted to leave! Just the way a wedding should go.

And by the way Megan wore her grandma's wedding dress for the ceremony. **Heart eye emoji times ten**



  1. Backyard weddings require back-up plans. It's not enough to have a tent and umbrellas, think about the group (tarps)

  2. If you have food step up outside, please don't let it sit out infinitely

  3. Thinking about access means having a plan for family in wheelchairs or with walkers and vendors with a lot of unload

  4. Bathrooms outside of the house are a must, a restroom trailer is the best

  5. Be sure to check city ordinances when it comes to the noise and the parking that comes with your event, it might not be enough to just invite your neighbors

  6. Clearly mark streets and turn offs if you live rurally



two piece wedding dress hanging in the window // Backyard Wedding in Northfield, MN :: Elliot Malcom Photography :: Megan + Andrew :: Apres Tent Rental :: GastroTruck Catering :: Sixpence Events & Planning .jpg


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,