The Importance of a First Look

I am a weenie when it comes to telling people what to want. A bit too wishy-washy, or willy nilly, because I believe so very strongly that you should have the wedding that you want to. (Sans stress and complete chaos.) That it should look how you want it to, you should do the things that you want to do, and that you should definitely not do the things that you don't want to do. Like I said, a weenie.

But this week I have a pal, Mark Fierst, who happens to be a photographer, and who strongly believes in first looks. I support his favor of first looks (but I also support you if you want to not have a first look and so does Mark... there's that wishy-washy rearing its head).

Mark Fierst wedding photographer on First Looks

"It helps the day go smoothly", that's how we'll start this conversation, with a talk about the timeline. There's only so many hours in the day and so much light to be captured. While a first look isn't necessary before the ceremony, it does allow wedding party photos and family photos to be taken with ample time. You can wander about the venue property, or go off site, without worrying or stressing about time limits and constraints.

"It gives you time alone", if you're wedding party and guest list is at all substantial (over 150) then you are going to be swamped after the ceremony. People are going to want to see your dress up close, tell you how handsome you look, and give you hugs. If you have a lot of people at your wedding that you haven't seen for awhile, and whom you want to see, then you will appreciate having already taken care of photos. And as a bonus, you could even take an extra moment, just the two of you, to be alone, and to kiss without prying eyes.

Mark reminds us that the first look before the ceremony allows the two of you alone time, where you can just be giddy about the day together, with plenty of whispered secrets and soft moments. Speaking from experience, it kicks ass to have a moment, unencumbered by the gravity of the day, where you can just BE with this person who you love more than life. As a planner I will remind your friends and family to perhaps observe from a distance, it's the weeniest way of saying 'leave them alone'.

"It captures the magic", because your wedding day is magical and "it takes away some stress". Seriously, I am not doubting the confidence of your decision to wed, I am just saying that being the center of attention, having all eyes on you, it can be a bit nerve-wracking (and that's coming from an attention-seeking-center-of-attention-lover like myself). Having a first look with one another can take away some of the anxiety around having a first look as you are walking down the aisle, stepping closer and closer to your impending fate of monogamy (*not meant to sound like a scare tactic*). 

Whether you decide to have a first look or not, just be sure to think about the details of the day, to plan accordingly, and to remember the real reason for a wedding: two people, making a BIG commitment, in front of their loved ones. And that's that! You can thank Mark Fierst Photography for the photos and the helpful hints!


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,