6 Ways to Survive A Summer Full of Weddings

If you have friends who are in the same autopilot life stages as you are, then, for some socio-cultural reason, you all are getting married this year. And since summer has the best chances of not including rain, your summer plans are going to include a lot of nuptial celebrations.

Lucky you, because you get to frolic nearly every Saturday for the next three to five months in uncomfortable heels, a dress that may or may not show too much skin when you ‘get low, low, low, low’, and all of this, amongst a crowd that is 86% strangers.


Besides reserving your judgment for after you get home, and aside from not playing the comparison game, ‘well the purple we chose isn’t such a grape purple…’, here are 6 ways to survive a summer full of weddings.

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  1. Beat the heat.
    Look at the weather forecast, even if you think it’s always wrong. The best way to dampen the mood is with your never ending stream of body sweat. Yuck. So look ahead, know what to wear, and be prepared: with deodorant and a shawl (you never know when a ceremony will be a bit over-air conditioned or it just happens to be a day when it hails).

    True story, I have been at weddings where guests SAT IN THEIR CAR DURING THE RECEPTION because it was too cold. I’ve also been at weddings where guests REFUSED TO WATCH THE CEREMONY because it was too sunny/too shady/too windy/too far for them to tolerate.

    Don’t be a shit head. Go prepared.

  2. Spice things up.
    If you’ve just got a ton of weddings this summer, make things interesting. Decide to buy the bride and groom a specialty drink, or make the same toast each time (it’ll have to be at your table, you probably won’t rate microphone use), or pick a theme for wedding gifts - like kitchen items, framed Benjamins, or baskets full of personalized goodies.

    That way at each wedding something that you do, or are bringing, will keep you interested and excited. And if that fails, well, maybe I could go in your place?

  3. Don’t be a critic.
    I know it’s easy to be judgey. I’m a girl - of course I know this. If you, yourself, are getting married, you’re like ‘oh, I’m not doing that because…’. And if you are already married you’re like ‘oh, I had this instead of that because…’. And if you’re not married and not getting married, but just form opinions independently of others, you’re like ‘oh, the bars not open yet?’. Ha. You know I’m right.

    Now that we got it out of our system, let’s try to be less judgmental while attending the love celebration of our dear friends, the most important day of their life. Just think about an event that you’ve planned, that you cherish, with the people you love, and that you enjoy being around; and then you overhear someone scoffing at a wedding detail that you love terribly.

    Bummer, right?

    Be mindful and don’t be a negative Nancy. Focus on the positive: cake and a chance for fun. The rest can be talked about later, like when you get home and are away from the happy couple.

  4. Ask to be involved in a small way.
    That way you can also get excited about this event. IF you’re not in the wedding party, there’s always usher, or personal attendant, reader or greeter. But be sure you’re actually helping and not hindering.

  5. Go with someone different each time.
    That is, if it’s okay with the spouse you may or may not have. Going with someone else is just an excuse to hang out with a friend (or your mom) and experience a free meal and fun with different people in your life! Groovy.

  6. Celebrate, like really, really, celebrate.
    It is a party after all. Put on your big girl panties/spanx, slap on some lipstick, and have a great fricken time! If you are really and truly sick of weddings, then go but leave early, like right after the first dance. Because no one wants to have a sourpuss at their wedding, stomping on their best day ever, unless stomping is a new dance move like the #flossdance

In the nicest way possible, don’t be jerk and rain on their parade. Suck it up (it being another cocktail through a fancy striped paper straw), put on that damn new dress and have fun - it is a party after all!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

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Photos by Alice HQ Photography of Mandy + Curtis