How to Plan for Hair and Makeup


You're wedding day is fast approaching and we all know what that means... You get your hair and makeup did like a Disney Princess in the modern age. Hello, airbrushing away any imperfections you don't want spotlighted in photos. Welcome, hairspray that will hold your do until the end of time.

Getting pampered is like top ten best feelings in the world. Mostly because people feel obligated to pay you compliments when you look fancier than what you usually are, but also because it is the ultimate girly-ness. Hair and makeup, it's like chocolate and fuzzy slippers (or if you're weird like me, it's like matcha tea lattes and clothes hot out of the dryer).

Let's not fool ourselves, there will be a bit (A LOT) of preparation that goes into hair and makeup on your wedding day. Less if you have access to your venue early (or the salon or your hotel room or your home), even less if you have a small wedding party. Here's some ways you can plan for hair and makeup on your wedding day before it gets here.


Pick a hair style that will be complimentary to the weather (the average weather for the time of year you are wedding) and to your venue. The best hairstyles for brides getting married outside in the summer is up.


Think about it though. When you get hot and sticky you usually whip out the pony tail and rock a bun. Now think about your wedding day, wearing 25 pounds of tulle and lace, with a honkin' pair of spanx to keep you suctioned into your white fabric. Suppose it gets over 75, or maybe the UV index spikes and there isn't a breeze in the world. Up might indeed keep you from being cranky and unsatisfied with the way your hair do wears as the sun continues to climb.


Honestly, I've found that it varies from stylist to stylist. Some say dirty other say clean, but Danielle Edstrom, owner of Baroque Artistry wants you to arrive with clean hair, completely dried and parted the way you want it to be. I've got curly hair, so I aways show up with hair blowdried 'straight' (HA!) and straighten my bangs and baby hairs. Ain't nobody got time for my mop.

'Getting ready' pictures won't start until after you makeup is finished. That means when you arrive you don't need to already have applied anything. You should have a clean face with moisturizing product applied.


Pick out your own lip color and purchase it, that way you'll have it with you for the whole wedding schbang. I suggest giving it to your personal attendant or to your maid/matron of honor and having them remind you to reapply before pictures, before the ceremony and before the reception. Usually, 


Danielle recommends using a lip stain to prevent your groom from getting glossed too. Unless you have a bride and not a groom, then just make sure she likes your color too!


Work with your hair and makeup artists, your planner too, to create a schedule for getting ready that accommodates all the appointments, start times (venue open) and end times (first look and bridal party photos).

Make a shot list of items you want photographed during getting ready, like matching robes or gift giving, and hand it off to your photographer. This will help them determine where they need to be when in order to capture your day the way you want it to be remembered.


Choose hair styles that go with the necklines of your bridesmaid's dresses and don't forget about the back of the dress. Don't be afraid to let your gals choose a hairstyle they want, it adds an element of interest to your bridal party.

COMMUNICATE the timeline for hair and makeup to your gals. Maybe even go as far as printing out a copy of the schedule to be posted in your getting ready room. It'll cut down on confusion and you'll be surprised when others take initiative to keep the morning rolling.


And lastly, here's the sternest bit of advice I can give without being a complete Negative Nancy and making you feel like you can't have any fun...

When getting your hair and makeup done... focus. Try to sit still and avoid distractions. It will make the time go by faster and it will help the day's timeline run on time. FOCUS and tell your gal pals to do the same. That way you're first look starts on time, you're bridal party photos start on time, your family photos start on time. And nobody gets left behind, and by left behind I mean left out... of the photos...


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


Photos by Alyssa Lee Photography // Hair stylist Baroque Artistry // Makeup artist Miranda Art // Venue Radisson Blu MOA // Model (and bride) Hailey Farrell