There's nothing better (well, there are likely lots of things better if I am to speak plainly) than guests entering your wedding reception or ceremony and saying to themselves,

'Oh, this is so them. It's so pretty/funny/quirky/hilarious/sparkly/moody/perfect/breathtaking...'

Your wedding should represent who you are as a couple and who you want to be as a married duo. Whether that's through the decor or the itinerary, make sure that you stray from the ordinary and pack your personality into your wedding day.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative brainstorming juices flowing, and images from the lovely Coppersmith Photography. You can find these images and more on my Wedding Ideas and Inspiration Pinterest Board, check it out and plan a wedding that is full of personality!

1. Boutonnieres. Let the person wearing pants have a say in what they want to have pinned on their lapel, make it traditional with colors that feel right, or go completely out of the box and pick something zany! See more ideas here.

2. Socks and shoes. We always think of bridesmaids when it comes to wedding shoes, but don't forget groomsmen and the groom can get carried away, almost as much as they want to, with their under-pants furnishings. Especially because they don't show unless you have high-waters or walk with an aggressive stamp.

3. Not All Photos Have to be Smiling Photos. Think Vanity Fair and get your fancy on. If you and your spouse-to-be have a more serious side, don't force the fake cheese! Take a moment and get a few non-smiling photos. Not frowning, but just stoic and poised. Oh yeah, don't forget to smize. 

>> I just spent 5 minutes practicing, no lie <<

4. Have decor details that speak to you. Love Harry Potter, but don't want a crimson and gold wedding? Opt for some photos with your favorite series, or a cake topper, centerpiece, or undergarment. Get creative and add the things that make you you, to the day that you become us.

5. Make your reception FUN! Provide games that are interactive like table trivia, if that's your thing, a paper airplane game, or provide a game console setup. Make it yours with beer flights or a mariachi band, infuse you and your fiancé into your celebration and make it impossible for your guests to forget where they are and why.

Stay tuned for Part II and in the meantime check out the Coppersmith photography brand, shooting weddings for quirky, easy going dreamers who don't take life too seriously, but want to get married with friends and family and a cake-loving photographer to capture it all. 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,