How to Master the Wedding Tasting

Of course any caterer you hire to attend your wedding, you will want to attend a tasting of theirs because certainly this vendor will receive a substantial amount of your wedding budget. You'll want to know what the food tastes like and see how it is presented. Each caterer will have a separate set of 'rules' surrounding their tastings: when they occur, how many people can attend, what you will be tasting; and it's important to prepare properly for this part of the wedding planning process.

Let's start at the beginning. Either you really want a specific caterer at your wedding OR your venue only allows certain caterers. So, that will narrow it down a bit, next? What's your budget?? Currently weddings in Minnesota spend an average of 16% of their budget on catering. From Boston Market starting at $10 per person, all the way up to the moon. not literally. Knowing your budget will help you determine whether you can afford to butler pass apps, a surf and turf dish, or more importantly, how many guests you can afford to feed. Ewh boy.

Now decide what kind of food you even like, jot down some ideas, plus your budget, write that down too, plus the capabilities of your venue (is there a kitchen, a fridge, an oven?!) and get hungry for your tasting!

Step 1: Narrow down your ideal menu based on sample menus provided by the vendor. Even if you and your fiancé can just think of 1-2 items you both really like, the caterer can make suggestions based of those preferences.

Step 2: Schedule a tasting where the decision makers can be present. Be mindful that some caterers only hold their tastings out of their kitchen, which may be in a different location than their service area, and you'll have to travel to them.

Step 3: Taste those things that you want at your wedding and go to the tasting moderately hungry. If you're starving then everything will taste good. If you're full then you won't indulge properly

Step 4: Make a selection and keep an open mind. Whatever your 'final' menu looks like at the end of your tasting, may change by the day of your wedding. Be flexible, and remember, it'll all be a-o-k.

Did you master your wedding tasting? What tips would you add, leave them below!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,