How to Let Your Love Grow


Certainly seems like an inadequate amount of instructions for a relationship so meaningful and important, but trust me, it's all you need. 

Think about when you get a new job. You might research topics you think are applicable, you prep your outfit and leave early so you can arrive on time.

Now apply that to your relationship.

Brandon Werth Photography | Acowsay Cinema | Modern Indian Wedding in Minneapolis

Research and be interested in your loved one, take time to listen when they talk. I mean, you don't have to takes notes and everything, but you should put your phone down, make eye contact and hear what they are saying.

Put effort into your appearance. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE MAKEUP, LASHES, HAIR CUTS etc. It just includes showering, smiling, wearing clean clothes. The basics. Dress like you did for your first sleep over (with said lover sans bunny slippers). Calculated and interested, and involved and invested.

"Love has to grow and blossom so love each other, communicate with each other and live happily there after."

Be conscious of their time and your time together. Schedule more time than you think you need, arrive early and wait for them to arrive. Wake up early so you can have a morning together before work. You know, little things, that's how love grows, with TIME and EFFORT.

Brandon Werth Photography | Acowsay Cinema | Modern Indian Wedding by the Lake in Minnesota

I'm not saying marriage takes work, like in a negative way, where you feel depressed and immediately feel like you can never achieve or accomplish true love. No. That ain't my style. Effort is different. Effort means being conscious, mindful, and encouraged. You do the things you do because of their positive effects and long lasting impact. That's not work, that's just life. Like breathing because you need air, sleeping because you are tired. Put time and effort into your love.

Yesterday I shared the video love story of Loree + Biren on Facebook, Acowsay Takeover is almost over so be sure to catch it all!

Brandon Werth Photography | Acowsay Cinema Videography | Modern Indian wedding by the lake in Minnesota
"It's not just what you do with the time that you have, it's what you do with the depth of your relationship and the width of your time that's going to make it extraordinary."


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Prosperity, Love & Happiness,