How to Get Started with Aisle Planner

You've taken my advice (a bit incessant isn't it?) and you've decided to kick your wedding planning pants into high gear. Good job pal. Assuming you've signed up for your free account, let's start at the beginning.



If you are newly engaged and have yet to even set a wedding date, you'll have less to check off, and guess what, that's okay. You are going to get there. Still go through these steps.

PART A: Make sure you alter the view to DUE DATE. Then, if you have a wedding date set, look at all of the checklist items up until the present date.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 8.00.54 PM.png

If you do not have a wedding date set yet, check off the items in the ANYTIME-WHATEVER-MONTH-IS-1-YEAR-FROM-YOUR-WEDDING-MONTH. In other words, if your wedding is in August of next year, you'd check off the items in the ANYTIME-AUGUST section.


And if you have yet to set your wedding date yet, let this checklist be a guide. Do you have the time or the energy to accomplish all of the tasks you'll need to if you set a wedding date inside of 12 months?

BECAUSE this checklist is designed to ensure that you are constantly and consistently gettin shit done and making progress. Don't poo poo the process or the pace. Read more about why you should wait to get married here.

PART B: Change the view to CATEGORY. Have you booked your caterer, attended a tasting and received a preliminary menu? Check it off. Do the same for any other categories you've made headway in.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 8.10.34 PM.png

PART C: Delete the things that you don't need.

If you aren't Jewish, CTRL + F yarmulkes and hit the trash can
No bridal party? CTRL + F bridesmaids and then groomsmen and hit the trash can
No flower girl or ringbearer? CTRL + F and hit the trash can
Are you a same sex couple? CTRL + F groom and edit for bride #2 or bride and edit for groom #2
Not having a honeymoon? CTRL + F honeymoon and hit the trash can on the category
Not moving? CTRL + F moving and hit the trash can
Not hosting a brunch the day after the wedding? CTRL + F brunch and hit the trash can on the category
Not having a rehearsal dinner? CTRL + F rehearsal and hit the trash can

Get it! Got it! Great. Now click back to the home screen (the top left circle with your picture or your initials in it). Note the pie with PLANNING PROGRESS, get motivated to reach 100%.



Going through the checklist you should have added all your booked vendors to the contact list, otherwise you should not have checked any of those off OR you haven't booked any vendors yet. I find it most helpful to add the following information to the contact page for each individual vendor:

  1. Contact person details

  2. Invoice payments

  3. Notes + meal requirements

Then I create a folder on my desktop to put all the contracts and files into. If you have a planner, you'll want to share this information with them. Either add the contracts to Aisle Planner, share a google doc folder, or email the attachments to them.

Why I add them to a folder to my desktop: so that I can air drop all the files to my phone, instead of printing them all off. That way if something comes up on the day of, like the caterer disagrees that they are serving dessert, I can whip out the contract and politely correct them.



WAIT! Before you do anything, before you start your guest list in any other form or format, download the xlsx template and upload it to google drive (or xcel if you're cool like that). Share the sheet with your fiancé and your parents and set a due date to finish compiling. I suggest 3+ weeks before the invites and save the dates should be ordered.

Note: you can mark a lot of good information on the guest pop out window. Best practice would be adding your fiancé and parents to Aisle Planner and they can add individuals to the GUEST tab one at a time, flushed out with details, instead of the bulk uploader described above.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 8.32.40 PM.png


Add your fiancé if you think they'll use it, or if they could use reminders by an outside party. Your able to assign tasks in the checklist and set due dates and reminders. Handy, no? Add your planner, your parents, even your personal attendant.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 8.37.03 PM.png

Make sure you click 'send invite' after adding their email, full name + role etc. See below, Peter has been invited, politely declined the invitation, but I could always resend the invite, which I just might :)



Notes are handy for compiling important information that you'll need to share as a printable. You could include some of this information on the timeline, but if you have 18 boxes of decor, you should have a comprehensive list somewheres elsewhere from the timeline. Here are my 3 recommendations

  1. PACKING LIST, see a sample

  2. PROCESSIONAL NOTES, see a sample

  3. FAMILY PHOTO SHOT LIST, see a sample



This is where the rubber hits the pavement and you need to GET SERIOUS. You can always add to your budget, so start lower. The cool thing about Aisle Planner is that it will divvy up your money based on industry standard percentages. Thanks Aisle Planner.

If you've already booked and paid for things, add them in. You'll notice that by locking in an amount and clicking AUTO-ADJUST that the monies get dispersed so that you are back on budget. Swell.

If ever all the values disappear, don't panic, just reclick ENABLE PER-CATEGORY BUDGETS. Phew!

Okay, but do you need help setting a budget and determining what it is you want for your wedding? I got choo girl. 

Ready Set Wed.jpg

As part of my wedding planning packages these are all steps that I do for you. I set up your checklist, assign you a few things (or a lot of things based on your personality), I'll add vendors you've booked and invite planning partners. ALSO my version doesn't have ads. Woot. So if you are hiring a wedding planner who uses Aisle Planner wait a tic before signing up. 

This whole process takes me 1-2 hours, so plan on it taking you 3-5 hours. It will be so worth it.

Get in the habit of checking your checklist regularly and checking things off consistently. Aisle Planner was designed to make your planning process smoother, so embrace the Type A, even if you are Type B, C, or D.

Any Aisle Planner questions? Head over to the podcast, Under the Veil, where editor in chief Tayler answers a ton of questions about the best wedding planning software in the world :)

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,