How to Capture Your Getting Ready Photos

Your wedding day starts the moment you wake up, but you definitely (probably) don't want to start your photos right away. Even if you feel as though you must have a photographer to capture the entire day, pause for a moment to consider the results.

You receive your album access and start to scroll through the pictures. Your beauty escalates as the day goes on, first look with your gal pals and then with your fiancé, your ceremony and then photos of the joyful celebration et al.

You'll notice that the pictures of you getting primped, makeup practically complete, hair almost finished, are the one's you'll want to use and to view. NOT the ones where you look like you're still asleep, the ones that look like you have one collective eyelash because of the eye goobers and the ones where everyone's clothes are wrinkled on the side they sleep on.

But you DO want photos of you and your pals getting reading in the morning. You want to reflect on the hours you'll spend getting ready for your 'I dos' after those moments have passed, in the form of photos. Photos like all these gorgeous babies from Leah Fontaine Photography

How to Capture Your Getting Ready Photos | Leah Fontaine Photography | Getting ready photos with matching bridesmaids robes

How to Capture Your Getting Ready Photos

    So probably don't put your dress on in the darkest, dingiest corner of the room. Sit in front of a window to get that good lighting, have chairs and tables that can be rearranged to accommodate the photos. It's okay to fake some stuff, like if you put your dress on %89 of the way and then shuffle out of the bathroom or down the hall to capture the better lighting.

    Having your photographer arrive when your HMUAs (hair and makeup artists) do is a bad a idea. You'll want them to arrive towards the end of your hair and makeup times, preferably makeup done first, cause you'll be more critical of your face than you will of the curlers. Talk to your HMUAs about scheduling and coordinate this with your photographer.

    Getting ready is messy. It includes underwear flung on the floor, half eaten muffins slowly desiccating on the counter, and approximately 800 bobby pins. All that and more will become the backdrop of all your getting ready photos if you're not careful. Either tidy up (designate someone to tidy up) or move rooms for photos. A suite can be ideal for this, since there are multiple bathrooms for changing and for blotting wipes and boob tape wrappers.

    Of course you want your gals to look comfortable and cute. Instead of worrying about what they might wear, gift them a robe or matching shirt to don on the morning of. Be sure to give it to them the night before, so they can show up and show out.

How to Capture Your Getting Ready Photos | Leah Fontaine Photography | Getting ready photos with matching bridesmaids robes

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.S. My absolute favorite part of these STUNNING photos from Leah Fontaine is that bridal hair stylist Heidi is in there - LOVE them both!!