How to Be a POWER Couple

Now I am not, NOT, going to tell you that you and your fiancé can easily become akin to Beyonce and if only you just XYZ. Uh, that's weird gang, I mean I think it's weird because being a couple has nothing to do with being famous and rich and adored by millions.

No, there is a different kind of 'power couple' I am going to explain. This kind is like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. It's like the Obama's or like Chip and Joanna Gaines. YES, they are all famous and likely rich, and definitely adored, but they are also genuine, and supportive, and make each other LAUGH. Read on for my tips on How to Be a Power Couple, as inspired by Julia + Chris.

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Be in sync. How do you anticipate next moves and finish each others sentences? By being together A LOT. After all if you are married, or getting married, that should mean you like each other. It should also mean that you like spending time together. So, max it out. Run errands together, support one another's hobbies, hang out with friends together, etc. etc. You are now your partner's strongest advocate, their biggest fan, and, eventually, the one that knows them better than anyone else in the Universe.

Being in sync means that you make time for one another, no matter how busy your life is or gets you always find time and you prioritize it. Even if it means making less money, doing fewer things with people who don't matter, and, ultimately, falling deeper and deeper into LOVE.

I knew you were going to say that!

Compete for fun. Not, run a race together and just before the finish line push your hunny bear onto the pavement so you can stomp over them and win. No. That sounds horrid. Compete for fun, like make little bets for small amounts (one dollah), see who can get to the car first, make grocery shopping a race. Simple + fun. 

Roy Son Photography | Acowsay Minnesota Wedding Videographer | Sixpence Standard blog post on being a Power Couple

Make everything in the future about 'us' and 'we' not 'you' or 'me'. I don't just mean joint bank accounts, I mean where you're living, where you want to go for vacation, what your goals are and how you define your purpose in life. The 'I' game doesn't fly in this scenario, think about how the two of you can accomplish goals and what would make the two of you healthy and happy, huzzah huzzah.

I promise to foster a life together that is full of adventure, simple joys, silliness...

Get over the awkward by being open and honest, almost to a fault. That means having no shame and no embarrassment. I'm a strong believer in telling the truth, softly, in keeping the bathroom door open and talking about tummy aches and bad dreams. If you really want your spouse to nurture and provide for you, mentally and spiritually, then you'll have to open the f up.

Roy Son Photography | Acowsay Minnesota Wedding Videographer | Sixpence Standard blog post on being a Power Couple

Stay on the bright side, together. You know those people who are like, 'Wah we have no money, everything is expensive, we don't like each other, we can never agree on stuff, his family doesn't like me' etc. etc. That is no power couple. If you are finding yourself trapped in negative cycle of woes and whines try starting with some positives. Say 5 things you're grateful for in the morning and then at night 5 things you liked about your day or that you are looking forward to for the next day. 

You can start by doing this alone, but I like to leave my list where my hubs can see it, and read it if he wants (open book). Then upgrade to randomly saying, 'You are handsome', 'I like your hair today', 'You are my favorite' and 'Thank you for our life together'.

Push each other to a better place. I don't mean nag and point out short comings, I mean inspire and support and tell your loved one 'you can do it honey' or 'that's a great idea! I'll do it with you!' It's easier to reach goals when you feel supported and when someone holds you accountable.

YOU can do it >> honey <<

Complement each other. Like by being two halves of a whole. But also compliment each other. Say thank you, for anything warranting a thank you. Say please, whenever you ask for something. And tell each other compliments, especially when the other feels down or discouraged, always in the morning or when you leave each other. And vow to kiss consistently.

But most of all, love each other.

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