How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

So, the question has been popped and you happily acquiesced? Congrats!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life. Not just for you, but for your friends too! And while your wedding party might include bridesmaids and bridesmen, asking them can be a feat unto itself.

Bridal party proposals come in all shapes and sizes, the simple, 'hey pal will you be in my wedding', to the elaborate. With options including throwing a party, sending a gift basket or a card, requesting your best friends to stand by you on your big day should be special for everyone involved.

To help you figure out how you’ll ask, Shari’s Berries put together a list of bridesmaid proposal ideas. Don't forget to check out my Bridal party Pinterest board, for more inspiration on what everyone should wear and what they should hold.

Think about what kind of wedding you want, but also think about what kind of pre-wedding celebrations you want to have. Are you thinking fun and flirty? Opt for some of these gem themed bridesmaid proposal ideas:

gem-themed bridesmaid-proposal.jpg

Giving them a piece of jewelry to wear to the wedding requires a little bit of forethought, but can be so worth it. On the other hand, a gift that is functional is always appreciated and doesn't have to coordinate with your wedding day at all.

Local recommendations: Andon Balloons // Goldfine Jewlery // Paisley + Sparrow // MY SISTER


If you're going to go donut, go mom and pop shop and fun. If you're thinking liquor, find something brewed or distilled locally or near your wedding venue. Like, if you are getting married at Villa Bellezza in Pepin, WI, why wouldn't you propose with a bottle of Fortaleza? Want those mini champagne bottles? Check out Etsy or Total Wine.

Local recommendations: Minny and Paul // I Like You // Raas // Jade Taylor Market // Glam Doll Donuts // Bogart's Doughnut Co. // Sleepy V's // Norseman Distillery // Tattersall Distillery 

These cards are too cute and an easy way to ask your bridal party. If you are opting for a stationer, and a custom design for your wedding, keep it cohesive and go through your designer.

Local recommendations: Champagne Press // Printerette Press // Paper Thick Ink // Kristina Designz // Ivory Isle // Cait Courneya // Allison Hopperstad Stationery // Ginger P Designs 


It's not required that you ask your bridal party to be a part of your day in any extravagant way. BUT of course, I'm going to say, you get what you give, so give good. Happy asking!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


P.S. Header photo by Alyssa Lee Photography of a Minny & Paul gift box