10 Reasons to Take Photos During Golden Hour

I know your wedding day timeline is likely jam packed, specifically after you get married and you can't wait to dance the night away, but...

It's a great idea to carve some time, like less than 30 minutes, to take advantage of the setting sun. Photographers will LOVE you and you'll love the results. I mean take a look at the photos in this post, there's a few reasons right off the bat... because the images from Mark Fierst are something I know you'll want to recreate on your wedding day. Need more reasons why I'm right? Read on!

Mark Fierst Minneapolis Photography | Sixpence Standard Blog Post | golden hour photo in the park

1. First of all, look how HAPPY these couples are! They are like smiling and smooching (and I know you like kissing your spouse-to-be) and they are all over each other (in a tasteful manner). Are you blushing? Sthtop it! This could be you, swept up in the romance of the moment, capturing forever how crazy and madly in love you are right after committing your lives to one another. Sthign me up. 

2. It isn't a time consuming escapade. The sun will not hold it's setting while you attempt to 'get the shot'. It's on an astronomically predetermined path, moving at about twice the speed as a Boeing 737 (fun fact for if my dad is reading and because I took Physics twice: C= 2πr cos(x)). But I digress. The point is, this isn't going to be a repeat photo shoot like the one you had for your engagement photos or for your first look. This is a quick and dirty, hold hands while running towards the sunset, completely corny moment ripped right out of Bridget Jones' diary. Go for it.

3. You are paying for the venue and it's property, to rent and to use so long as your wedding night lasts. So, why not capture the landscape at it's dreamiest. Take photos to remember that you got married at a golf club, with perfectly cultured lawns; or by a lake, with the tiniest dock made just for two; or in the city with it's towering buildings glinting in the sky.

Mark Fierst Minneapolis Photography | Sixpence Standard Blog Post | golden hour photo wedding
Mark Fierst Minneapolis Photography | Sixpence Standard Blog Post | lake golden hour photo

4. It's a chance to get away and take a deep breath. Holy shit. 'We just got married', and 'did you see Grandma Jerry came!' and 'how funny was your niece...' All of that can happen, with you and your best friend (and a silent photographer) out in the crisp evening air. Finally your racing heart can catch up, your ears can unplug, for a moment, at least, you can plant your feet firmly in reality and be in the moment.

5. Did I mention it's good for you? Since I brought up Physics I might as well talk about the Biology of golden hour photos... When you kiss you're releasing a group of chemicals that, simply put, get you high. They make you feel euphoric and help to foster feelings of attachment; I think that's a great way to start your marriage!!

Mark Fierst Minneapolis Photography | Sixpence Standard Blog Post | golden hour wedding photo with the city in the background

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Prosperity, Love & Happiness,