Finding the Right Napkin for Your Wedding

Okay. You've decided to upgrade from the black, white or ivory that the venue or the caterer provides. But now you need to figure out what will really give you the most bang for your buck, what will really make your wedding colors pop, your guests feel transported and your credit card not too overtaxed. My suggestion? Tame those Pinterest-fueled dreams and set the dial to reality.

champagne table linen with gold charger and ivory menu fold napkin | gold mercury votives | laser cut table numbers | tall hurricane vase with petals in the bottom | carnation, snapdragon, hydrangea peony all white tall floral bouquet | We've Got it Covered
gold charger with ivory menu fold napkin and wedding favor tucked in the fold | table place card with meal option drawing | gold mercury votives | hydrangea and rose centerpiece | laser cut table number in gold | We've Got it Covered

There are times, believe it or not, when white is MIGHTY! When using white makes everything looks crisp and clear, makes the other colors seem to pop right off the the table. So consider the color, and not just for chair covers, think white table linen and white napkins in lieu of color. Then use your accent colors for the more minor touches, like chargers, place cards etc. Or let color creep in with a napkin to match your bridesmaids colors.

Sage green napkins in flame fold in wine glass with gold beaded chargers on white table cloth with see through overlay | We've Got it Covered | Photo by Lauren B Photography
white table linen with dark gray charcoal menu fold napkins and a table runner | lily table centerpiece | We've Got it Covered
Black flame fold napkins in water glass with white table linen | white chair covers with black bow tie sash | hydrangea centerpiece | We've Got it Covered
ivory napkin flame fold in wine glass | white table linen with white chair covers and black sashes | We've Got it Covered
Lilac light purple | flame fold in coffee cup | We've Got it Covered | White ruched chair covers | copper mercury votives | wedding and event decor | white table linens
black and white napkin in bow tie fold on top of menu with gold foil | gold rimmed dinner and salad plate | black and white table runner | We've Got it Covered

Table runners are another great way to match your napkins <<bow tie black and white above>> But if you really want a color table cloth then make sure you don't overwhelm the table, bring in white or a 'light' color to keep your tables feeling airy and polished.

silver table linen with white chair covers and a silver bow tie sash | white menu fold napkins | mini gift table wedding favors | framed table number | tall clear glass centerpiece with hydrangea, rose and peonies | We've Got it Covered | Lauren B Photography
white napkins on gold beaded chargers with aplique table linen in ivory | votives with a pink and orange centerpiece | chair covers | We've Got it Covered
champagne sequin table cloth with white drop fold napkin | menu and wedding favors on top of salad plate | silver mercury votives | candle pillars with blue dipped vases | floral bouquets with thistle, blue antique hydrangea and white peony | We've Got it Covered
baby blue napkin on white beaded dinner plate with gold charger and blue tinted glassware on top of blue crush table linen | menu with name card on top and tied with lavender | We've Got it Covered
light blue napkin in rose fold with white painted pinecone on gold beaded charger with light blue table cloth and a lace overlay | We've Got it Covered
light blue rose fold napkin with white painted pine cone and wedding ring | We've Got it Covered

Harvest tables should likely NEVER be covered, so ditch the table cloth and just add a pop of color with the napkins or a table runner. My favorite pairing for a harvest table, besides chiavari chairs... a green runner. Some eucalyptus, a few roses? DYNAMITE! Even a cute sash on the back of the chair can really tie in those napkins to your wedding decor.

black knot napking fold on silver chargers with black table linen and white garden chairs in a tent wedding with votives and champagne table numbers | We've Got it Covered
Black napkins menu fold on gold chargers with black table linens and gold chair sashes on black chair covers | centerpiece hydrangeas with roses and white feathers | gold votives | We've Got it Covered

And please don't forget about black, just super classy and really dramatic. Va va voom!

wood slice centerpieces with florals and lots of greenery in milk jug | royal blue triangle fold napkins | dark brown chiavari chairs with white chair pads | We've Got it Covered | Photo by Kelly Birch Photography
Royal blue triangle napkin fold on gold chargers with blue bow tie sashes on dark brown chiavari chairs with water bottle favors and place settings | floral centerpieces in milk jugs with wood slice and lots of greens | We've Got it Covered | Photo by Kelly Birch Photography

Napkins are less expensive than linen, than renting harvest tables (if your venue doesn't have any), together with a shiny charge they can really dress your tables and make the room pop. And it's easy for a napkin to fit in to your wedding. Matching the colors that are already present, in your bouquet, your dress, the guys' suits or, if nothing else, black or white. We've Got it Covered is a great go to for all of your linen needs, making your wedding come to life, without breaking the bank!

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Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

Photo's all from We've Got it Covered, isn't Erin the best!?