Actually my favorite color is green, so how fitting is it that the Pantone color of the year is greenery. But just to be clear, greenery is a color, it's not referring to the stuff that comes cheap from the florist. Even if all green colors aren't meant to be included I think we can agree that it's still a beautiful color, and if you aren't convinced, keep scrolling!

Antique green hydrangea | Courtney June Photography | Sixpence Events & Planning | Pantone color of the year 2017 greenery

The real point of this year's Pantone color is to encourage us all to reconnect with nature. To get lost in the woods (that doesn't sound safe does it?), to walk barefoot (once the snow melts), and to really incorporate the outdoors world into your world. And as we speak I'm doin' just that. I think it is so important to reconnect with nature and camping, well that's one way to accomplish it!

And even though the temperature may not warrant it right now, take the time to smell the roses, to wiggle your toes in the cool grass, and to look up. Look up at the stars, at the sky, at the vast expanse that envelops our world. **SIGH**

brunia balls in greenery bouquet | Sixpence Standard Wedding blog | Courtney June Photography

Florists everywhere are jumping for joy, Rison Design (the floral designer for the pictures in this post) and Bel Fiore are two such that use greenery like it's going out of style. Greens can add some wonderful texture to a floral arrangement = interest for the eye.

terrarium geo glass centerpiece with succulents by Rison Design | Courtney June Photography Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | Sixpence Events & Planning
terrarium and succulent arrangement with palm leaf by Rison Design | Photo by Courtney June Photography | Sixpence Events & Planning

How will you use this year's Pantone color in your wedding design? Or are you connecting with Mother Nature in a manner that inspires? Tell me about it, I'd love to see and hear about your adventures and plans!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


Photo credit: Courtney June Photography