I can't wait for you to find the dress that you'll say I do in, the last dress you'll put on as a single lady! I went through the process myself and remember feeling excited, apprehensive, and just a little bit scared shitless that I 1) wouldn't find a dress 2) would spend way way way more money than what I had budgeted or 3) would get pressured into buying a dress I didn't even want or like.

I don't want that for you. I want you to march through those doors and feel like an absolute boss. I want you to be treated the way you want to be treated, I want you to find the dress of your dreams and I want you to stay within your budget.

It all starts with confidence. We are all different beings and have different dispositions, but here are my tips on how to bridal shop to fit your personality.

  1. If you are insecure about certain parts of your body. 
    Rely on the consultant to pick dresses for you that will flatter your body type. They are experts after all, they fit women into bridal gowns day in and day out. I still encourage you to try on the dresses that you've pinned to your secret Pinterest board, but have an open mind to what the sales consultant suggests.
  2. If you are introverted.
    You might want to go alone. You can have a list of dresses or styles that you want to try on, but communicate to the consultant that you prefer to have maximum privacy and you will reach out to them with questions when you have them. That way you don't feel uncomfortable upon uncomfortable when a stranger offers to zip you up.
  3. Easily persuaded to spend more money.
    Tell the consultant a dollar sign LOWER than your actual budget, so you won't have anxiety about the purchase price while trying on. Shop at stores with a price range of dresses that includes your target price, but not too much higher. 
  4. Extrovert.
    Do you LOVE attention, have you got high energy and are you ready to be in the spotlight (read: "Josey"): bring friends and family, caffeine and schedule snack stops before or after. Listen to what others say about how you look in a dress, not just the fit but the look on your face and the sound of your voice when you talk about how you feel getting one step closer to your wedding day.
  5. Often a victim of buyers remorse. 
    Try this tactic: Look the consultant in the eye, smile and say "I'm not ready to buy a dress right now, thank you for your time, I have your card so I can reach out to you if I have more questions or decide to go with that dress." Or whatever you want to say, no need to lie, just smile and be direct. Or, call me on Facetime and I will shout at them "NO THANK YOOUUUU BUT THANK YOU!"
  6. Indecisive.
    Instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis take a step back and take a break. Have pictures of you in your favorite dresses and revisit them in a day or more, that way you will be a bit removed from the decision making process. Or you could even just go to lunch after your fitting and see how you feel, that way you won't miss out on the buy-today-one-time-discount-deal the sales person is baiting you with.

I originally wrote this piece to satiate the queries of Johanna, but I hope that all will find value in my musings, and at the very least just a little bit of courage! Thanks to Lumos Images for the gorgeous photos depicting exactly how you should feel on your wedding day!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,