Before we get to the photos from Kelly Birch Photography, that you are absolutely going to be inspired from and adore, I have a few somewhat lengthy and potentially verbose paragraphs explaining this rustic barn wedding.

When I'm not planning weddings and events, or traveling and spending time with family, I'm working at a hospice part-time. Erg. so depressing! Okay, well not for me, I love it and I'll never leave and it happens to be where I first met Amy. An aspiring nurse, there was no way she could hide that glinting rock underneath her gloves.

Of course I had a hard time not blurting out 'Let me plan your wedding!', I sincerely wanted to, but Amy had a handle on it all. She did accept my offer for day of coordinating, and I made extra excuses to meet with her and Patrick to talk about movies and sci-fi and of course wedding day logistics. 

Finding out that Amy had hired some of my favorite vendors didn't hurt either. Kelly Birch is incredibly professional but very loving, and the results are always FAB-U-LOUS. A Vintage Touch Wedding Design and Event Rentals... my favorite. She will lasso the moon if you ask her too, and she's got some great package options, like the Full-Design Package. That's where you book out ALL of her rentals for the day. That means you get to go in and cherry pick whatever you want, as much as you want. Like, what if H&M did this? I. Would. Cry. (of happiness).

And of course the backdrop for it all, a perfectly popular barn wedding venue, just outside of Minneapolis: Hope Glen Farm. I recently wrote about them in my other blog for Twin Cities Wedding Association, Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Hope Glen Farm. You should read it if you are looking for a Minneapolis/St. Paul barn wedding venue. Or if you like tree-houses. Or if you just like reading what I have to say... mom. 

My favorite parts of this wedding? The succulents (more to come on that in this blog post), the pies for dessert and the army of pie cutters we assembled, the newlywed tip jar (ADORABLE set up), hanging out with my friendors Kelly and Annie, learning just how GOOD Hope Glen treats its couples (like bend over backwards and continue to do flips until everyone is elated), and an adorable ring bearer who let me hug him ... I love hugs.



  1. When a vendor is running behind it's best not to tell the bride
  2. Don't let last minute RSVP flip-floppers bug you, years from now you might have different feelings about it
  3. If you have small children in the wedding party be cognizant of nap time
  4. Snack time isn't just for kids, feed the people who'll be at your wedding with you all day long before the ceremony
  5. Being stern about a designated smoking area matters a little bit less if most of your wedding guests are smokers
  6. If you're serving pie for dessert cut it cold! Like nearly frozen, have gloves and run your knife under hot warm often.


Amy + Patrick shoes and bowtie and socks detail photo by Kelly Birch Photography | Sixpence Events & Planning
succulent detail image with ring | Kelly Birch Photography | Sixpence Events Minneapolis day of wedding coordinator
succulents and your wedding decor | Kelly Birch Photography | Minnesota wedding planner Sixpence Events


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Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.S. Saved the best for last... how adorable are those two?!?!? Holding hands, in a suit, with pearls, little bowtie, uh TEE HEE HEE - - - FRIGGEN cute!

P.P.S. Annie will be disappointed if I don't mention this little guy who scared the SH*T out of the two of us. Literally the opposite of cute. Yes, it was real, and no the picture doesn't do it justice!

P.P.P.S. Cutting pie is easiest when they are frozen, plate them and then serve when chilled -- always LOADS less messy. What type of pie is your favorite?