Imagine feeling your very prettiest. Your hair feels flawless, it's got volume and bounce, your blemishes are covered and your lashes have the length you've always wanted. Now imagine contorting your body ever so slightly, awkward enough to make you wonder will this look right? But then you get a quick sneak peek of the resulting photo and a little fire ignites inside of you - the kind of fire that grows big enough to dance around, giddy as all get out.

Well, that's how I felt and that's what happened to me when I partnered with Barbie Schwartz of A'INE Couture Portraits this week. Here's the process:

After reaching out to Barbie you'll sit down for tea (or coffee) for a consultation. She'll ask questions about who you want to be included in your photographs and how you want to be photographed. But what she's really doing is making your acquaintance, she's warming you up so that you can let down your guard and expose your personality. 

Next you'll show up for your session. Barbie books the studio out for the entire day, so there's no rushing, just relaxing. You'll have you hair and makeup done like your a real super model (#antmdreams). While you get primped up, Barbie and her assistant will review outfit choices, and then assign outfits different 'sets' to photo them at.

Once you're 'face' is on and your hair is sprayed then the magic starts. Barbie guides you through outfits and sets, directing your chin forward, your face relaxed, and your arm to gently rest on your leg, lest it look smushed. She provides treats to keep the balance between starving and stuffing your face, keeping you energized and keeping your jitters at bay. Need a little liquid courage? Barbie encourages those that do, to bring their own champagne etc. to lightly imbibe.

The process is pretty, twofold. There's of course the outward appearance, the hair do and the makeup, the outfit and the glittery jewelry. But what is MOST important is the second part of the pretty. Your confidence. The mental state that Barbie imposes on you, making you feel like your best self, like your prettiest self, like you've got it.

I'm a confident gal, no doubt about that. Being an only child, and because smiling's my favorite, I often hold my head high, knowing that even without false lashes, without microblading and expensive clothes, I have value, I am worth it, and yes, I am beautiful. Call me a feminist but it's a mentality I think every woman (okay, and man) should have. Self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem. It may be haughty but it's true, believe in yourself and others will follow.

Even with that borderline pompous positivity Barbie, somehow, was able to make me feel even better. I mean I almost cried a little! Yeah, I know, I cry a little a lot, but there's no denying that I felt better about myself. I felt like there's no way how I feel inside can be validated on a camera, without me pin pointing flaws or shortcomings, as one will often do in this world full of comparisons. But I totally did. 

And how important is that for my business. I am the face of this company (okay, a company of one lol) and I want there to be plenty of personality. I want to clearly communicate to my clients, to potential clients and to other people in the world who don't fall into those two categories, that Sixpence is fun, it's stress free, and it's loving. It's caring and it follows the golden rule, and that even when it's serious, it's seriously lovely. 

Barbie totally did that. She inspired me to work harder, to be better, and not just when it comes to my #Instagramgame.

After the session, where you feel like a real life Cinderella, sans-prince (remember the feminism bit), you'll have a viewing session with Barbie. I, at the suggestion of Barbie, brought my mom because only child. During the session you'll view your images on the big screen, and then be able to select 11x14 matted prints all packaged together in a beautiful box.

For Barbie it's all about creating a luxurious experience, and although I knew what to expect, I am totally impressed. While Barbie's main bread and butter is lifestyle shoots, personal branding, and maternity. I think she should also add anniversary shoots to that list. Because who doesn't want to replicate that feeling of their wedding day, where you feel the prettiest possible and everyone constantly reminded you that they agree?

So, whether you are a creative professional, needing corporate headshots, or just want to feel pretty, trust that Barbie is going to make you shine and completely blow you away.

Check out Barbie on Facebook or just contact her directly with inquiries Wanna know where all the pretty new pictures are at? Check out my ABOUT ME, CONTACT, and yes, my Instagram!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

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