How to Have a Modern Church Wedding

First things first when having a church wedding, hire an incredible photographer. Plug: Ben Berndt Photography, photo credit for all photos in this post. End plug. He was able to not only capture STUNNING images. I mean, crazy pretty. But he worked it out for Heidi and Jake. He was like sweating and running around and craning his body and his neck to get the following ENVY WORTHY photos. Kudos Ben. You done good. I especially like that Heidi included a sixpence in her details photos -- shabangey!

Here's a list of things to include, in no particular order and primarily based on my opinion and best judgement only, in order to achieve a modern church wedding just like Heidi did.

A photographer that will respect the Church, but still get great photos
Big blooms and large petals
Pops of color to accent the architecture
A well behaved flower girl and ring bearer who hold hands
Large wedding party
Large guest list (fill them pews!)
Hair and makeup onsite
A first look in the gardens
Take advantage of the brick walls
Wander off site for modern photos
Use gold (currently my favorite color)
Suits in a color other than black
A priest with a sense of humor behind the scenes
Readers who enunciate
Readings that connect you to each other (and not just God) (Is this Blasphemy? capital B?)
Chalkboard signs of where you met your bridal party
Flats so you aren't clunking down the aisle
21st century music played on the organ or piano or harp

take a look...


Matrimony, it is this bond, a covenant in which two people commit to being part of a whole, together, in life...

Are you melting yet? Yes. I did tell the flower girl and ring bearer to hold hands. Get ready for some delicious landscape photos!!

Plus that hair piece that Heidi added to her hair is divine. Such a wonderful couple, with a really dedicated photographer that really captured Heidi and Jake as the loving couple that they are. 


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,