6 Ways to Get Started Planning Your Wedding

Weddings are a whirlwind of details, of hopes, of dreams and of dollar signs. There are so many things that you want to include on your big day, the gifts, the table decor, the photo opps. You can have as many vendors as you need, and as few bridal party members as you want. But before you get overwhelmed let's sort some shit out. Here's my tops 6 ways to get started!

  1. Determine a wedding date. Before you let your excitement run away (far far away), dreaming about your big day at that perfect venue, with all your favorite people as members of your bridal party... check. your. date. If you brother Mike is out of town or your reception hall is booked or the dress you love takes 8 months to hand sew; maybe plan your wedding around that. The point is to be mindful when selecting a wedding date. Slow down, let your recent proposal memories simmer, and determine the best wedding date for you and yours.
  2. Talk about theme or colors. If you really want a woodsy wedding you'll really want to get married at Juliane James Place. If you love purple and white, A'bulae would be perfect with the uplighting and the floor to ceiling windows. Do you love candles? Maybe you want to pick a venue or a time of day that really let's that light shine. The point is think through your ideas, you'll be glad you did (because I said so).
  3. Think about a budget. The understanding in weddings (and in life?) is that we are going to exceed our budget. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, after all you only get married once! So aim low, that way when you go over it'll be okay and you won't have to max out credit cards. A rough outline of costs is likely a good idea (include venue, catering, cake, dress, DJ, flowers -- you know the big items).
  4. Get organized with spreadsheets. Google docs are like my right hand. I lurv them. I use them everyday and spend more time on google docs than I do on Facebook -- don't tell Zuckerberg. But perhaps Kate Spade is more your style, check out this planner I love and this planner, I don't use them BUT I would if I wasn't sharing any of my planning information with anyone else. The nice part of g-docs is that you can add co-llab-o-rators. Woo!
  5. Start a Pinterest board, or two, or forty. My favorite boards to add to: Bridal Fashion, Wedding Flowers and Bouquets, or Wedding Ideas & Inspiration. My favorite board to follow: Ruffled, Perfect Palette's Bridal Jewelry, or Perfect Wedding Guide of Minnesota (local vendors ahoy!).
  6. Ask for help! You shouldn't go it alone, of course include your fiancé, but there's more help to be received! Like your moms, your dads, your aunts, siblings. You know all those loved ones in your life who are excited you are getting married. Of course I am here to help, click here to see if your wedding date is still available...

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,