Okay I may have just lied. This is really just an ode to Kate Becker Photography, a pictorial obsession over the newly married Lydia + Michael, and an excuse to show photos of me at a wedding (aaaaand other vendors). But I think you will love it. Because I did, I just spent the last 30 minutes reliving this AWESOME wedding, smiling to myself when I came to happy moments, and tearing up when I came to the my-heart-is-going-to-burst-with-nostalgic-bliss moments.

More photos can be seen on MN Bride but what you are about to witness can only be seen because of two reasons (easily applicable to your own future tense wedding):

  1. Kate Becker is the photographer

  2. She has a second shooter, her husband Tony

Yes, I like other photographers as well, but they have got to be goood. I mean, like this isn't just a hobby, this isn't my first rodeo, goood. Judge for yourself, but I'd get ready to pin if I were you. (you know, pin the images to Pinterest so that you can have something incredibly similar at your own wedding. duh.)

Lydia, the first image is just sheer genius, and you know it (well, Kate and I know it, at the very least). It's this sort of pensive moment where you are staring back at yourself, ready to change completely your marital status and solidify forever your commitment and relationship with Michael. This photo is like seriously serious, it's you and you and the rest of your life just waiting to open up in front of you. I love this image, it stares into my soul, it connects me further to your special day, I feel as though I immediately empathize with the feelings you are having and the anticipation you are awaiting. Either that or it's just an uncommonly good capture by Kate in between your hair fussing and makeup inspecting.

Dare I continue? Those genuine moments in between candids, those are what really connects me to this day. Laughter and excitement, love and family, all around cheer and good feelings.


And if all eyes are on Lydia, what do they look like? Are they glistening with tears, or wrinkled with smiles, staring with adoration? Captured emotions are practically palpable.

...that moment that when groom first lays eyes on his blushing bride, dressed to the nines, perfectly primped, brimming with joy and endearment.

"Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility."

- Thomas à Kempis

And that's all she wrote, last minute on Friday after hearing that more photos of Lydia and Michael's wedding will soon be on Minted...


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.S. Special thanks and photo credit to Kate Becker Photography.

P.P.S. Donuts is spelt doughnuts but wouldn't fit below. sad day.

I mean, get out of town. Good night Charlie, can you believe this is my job!?!

Also other people's jobs. Like Kate Becker Photography, Mann Frau Videography, my lovely assistant/bestest friend Ellie Weber - who, yes, is available for donut cake stacking and head table centerpiece arranging.

Before you click away, take the time to check out behind the scenes action photos, thanks Kate, you rock.