24 Photos for REALLY Romantic Wedding Inspiration

This is an images (mostly) post! Alert, you will hear minimal wit and sarcasm from one Josey Stafford today. AND I was totally going to post images from all of the photographers that were there, (3 total) but sincerely couldn't get past the first one in the list without picking like a million of my favorite images. So MORE photos to come later, but check out the talented Ali Leigh Photography's fantastic work... #gorg #weddinginspiration #morehashtags #nomorehashtags

Stunning, amiright? Ali Leigh really hit it out of the park capturing the details of this day, and I couldn't be more inspired! Let's not forget this little reel -- mostly picked because I'm in the background goofin off... per usual.

Ha. Oh. Ha, ha! I love my job! The part that fails to be conveyed in photos, through no fault of Ali's, is the sincere and genuine connection I made with Abby and Taylor (and their bridal party); to the point that when Abby cried, mine eyes were misty as well! I really love love people. I really, truly do.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,