6 Bridal Accessories that Will Complete Your Wedding Look

Even if you don’t ordinarily wear jewelry it is always a grand idea to jazz up your attire with jewels and diamonds. But what about those other accessories. You know, the whole head to toe look. Warning: there are ideas for both brides and grooms in this post. That's right fellas - for once I remembered you.

Step 1: Avert your eyes. No, not from the computer screen (or phone screen, you guys are just so tech savvy). Wearing a veil is a great way to accessorize, and it's terribly traditional. Proof that antiquity is not always a negative.

Accessory #2: Earrings that are a showstopper. Think Beyoncé but on your earlobes and in the form of precious metals and rocks. Especially for all of us out there wearing, er bearing their naked shoulders to the world. Large, dangly earrings make you look more elegant, more Bond girl-ish, more Neil Lane is my uncle and he let's me borrow stuff-ish. At least in my mind it does.

Accessory #3: Hair pieces. Fabric flowers are really pretty, guaranteed not to wilt, but if you want real flowers check out this past post for tips. Also pretty: jewels, rhinestones or diamonds for you hair. Ice it up baby.

Accessory #4: Boots made for walkin. While wearing cowboy boots is not a trend that all bride-to-be's (but maybe groom's) are likely to adopt, it is superbly adorable when you wear your own type of non-traditional wedding shoe. Need ideas? Check 'em out here.

Accessory #5: Cuff links. Gentlemen (and ladies choosing to wear sleeves and a collar) wear damn french cuff shirts. It's like one day that you'll have to do it, it means you get to add a personalized accessory touch, and it would make me happy (and maybe, just maybe, your fiancé as well. which is probably preferred)

Accessory #6: Socks. I mean, cmon, this is self explanatory. Tie in your color scheme or theme, and wear those puppies proudly. Make sure you have comfortable shoes also, that way you won't be able to blame the socks for sore feet. 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,