8 Bridal Hair Wedding Tips

From me to you, gift wrapped with a hair bow on top. My dear friend Heidi, owner of 139 Hair by Heidi, took the time during her crazy, busy, insane in the membrane, wedding season to chat important tips for your wedding day. 

Heidi has been in business for years, don't let her girlish looks fool you. This is the part where I tell you about how amazing her hair styling skills are, but let's. get. real. You can see for yourself here, or really, all over this blog post. Instead, I am going to tell you about the real value in hiring Heidi. Heidi is kind and generous and easily has become my long lost soul sister. I have yet to see her frown, which is probably why her face looks so young. SHE TRULY IS, woah caps lock got bumped, a WONDERFUL (that time it was intentional) person. She makes me feel great, and pretty, and happy, even though I'm never the one getting pampered in her chair. Quick on her toes and strapped with great hair advice, great life advice, a kind face and kind words. Watch out y'all, cause you about to get some killer advice!

1. Beware of that evil thing lurking round the corner... humidity. If you think you might get hot and sweaty, maybe don't plan to have your hair delicately draped down the back of your neck, unless you like the fresh-out-of-the-gym look.

2. Plan your accessory in advance, or be flexible with how you want it placed - this isn't one of those moments when we just jam a piece of jewelry in your bun. We want it to be delicately placed with care.

3. Choose something besides a blow-out. This isn't everyday hair, this is best day of your life, only get married once, thousands of picture are about to capture your style-hair, why not go big and unique?!

4. If it's hot, windy, rainy, humid, if you normally have really straight hard to curl hair - maybe go with an updo. OR wear it down for the ceremony and have it up for dinner and dancing. Genius, I know.

5. Braid it damnit. It's on trend, on point and Heidi happens to be damn good at it. 

6. Use fresh flowers that last long and have a strong ability to not wilt easily (is this called lasting freshness?) Using a floral hair crown? This requires extra rules. Check out this blog post on Something Turquoise for best care practices.

7. Get pictures of the back! A good hairdo looks good 360, no? Because even though you can't see your head (unless you look in the mirror), other people can. AND when you are standing up at the alter most likely just about everyone else is looking at the back of your head, if not the side. So, don't you wanna know what it looks like?!

8. This last one seems like the most important question of all time. Dirty or clean? "I need to dispel the myth that dirty hair = better updos. This is just not true for everyone. The general rule of thumb is if your hair is fine and limp, a wash and blow dry the day of your updo is better. If your hair is on the thicker side and you don't wash it everyday usually, then a day or two old hair is just fine. If your hair tends to get greasy easily, wash it and blow dry it. If your hair is super curly, chat with the stylist in advance to see what they prefer." Phew. I knew it. I knew I shouldn't wash my hair before the big hair day.

And because you are such a faithful reader, here are additional tips from Heidi, to you. 
9) Have 2-3 pictures of what you like. This really helps communicate what your preferences are.

10) Always do a trial run with your potential wedding day hairstylist. Make sure you feel listened too and relaxed with them.

11) My favorite hairspray is TiGi Bed Head's Masterpiece Shine. It smells fantastic and has a nice, flexible hold.

12) Bring your veil or hair accessory to your trial, or discuss with your hairstylist what are good options if you haven't purchased it yet.

13) Get a blowout for your rehearsal dinner! It's a great way to have a nice style that's not over the top-plus it's great prep for your wedding day updo. 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,



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