The Big Fake Wedding Minneapolis/St. Paul mini Follow Up

Okay. It happened. We faked it real good. Like never has a wedding been faked better than what happened last night in Stillwater. Callie Murray -- you're going to want to protect Lauren Swope (more like Lauren Swish because she dunked it last night), I am pretty sure she was getting job offers left and right.

While I would LOVE (with a heart eyes smiley emoji instead of an 'O') to show you photos. I can't. 1) Because I am no photographer and my skill set in that department is poor. Like scale of 1 to 10, 3, poor. And 2) because even though I ran around with my ipad (read: doesn't own a smart phone; insert: gasp) I sincerely only took two kinds of photos. Like a donkey. I took one of my wall, which I posted to instagram (take a look) and the other of Erik and Andrew, one of which I also posted to insta -- the others I will include here in this post, knowing full well that those bros might be a tad embarrassed to see what they really look like on film, err I mean in pixels?

And even if they are embarrassed -- they ditched out on me early, on all of us! Hear more in my Facebook videos; AND I am pretty sure I saw Andrew at West Side Perk this morning -- getting a coffee during his lunch break?

Back to the story. The story of how Abby and Taylor renewed their vows at the Big Fake Wedding. It was wondrous and all of us vendors are SO excited to share the photos captured with you, photos from photographers: Ali Leigh, Christa Reed and Courtney June (sans goat, see fbook video). 

But while I have your attention let me just give you 6 ideas for a wedding in Stillwater:

  1. Pick a venue that suits your style. Of course this is where I talk about how cool JX Event Center is, with its original brick, modern amenities, OPEN spaces and short walk to the river. BUT what you didn't expect me to talk about is the cute little secret garden that's right next to it on 2nd (great for photos), or the brewery AND winery that are located practically kitty corner (conveniently next to the bookstore and co-op). Oh yeah. Minnesota kicks butt. Minnesota wine, Minnesota beer, Minnesota gardens, Min-ne-so-ta. 
  2. Have a groom's dinner that includes lodging and a built in theme. So, Water Street Inn. It's got a killer outdoor patio, every room comes with a hot tub and the tall tin ceilings will easily transport you and your guests to a land called enjoyment. Also walking distance to JX AND theres a pub attached -- say no more! (okay, I won't!)
  3. Excellent food and drink. DUH. A vendor that I think is nice is one that is close. One that is close to Stillwater is Bread Art. They could practically wheel your baked goods down the street it's that close. Granted it'd have to be a refrigerated wagon on wheels, but I digress, per usual, like usually I have a hard time staying on track and that's why I have to number my lists. It's for me, not for you, and certainly, not ever, for SEO...
  4. A killer band. EVERYONE (not everyone?) likes/loves live music. It's how humans were made -- you just can't ignore the vibrations in your bones. Shoulder shrugging and toe tapping aren't what you'll get with Bluewater Kings Band. No. You will get body flailing, hair whipping, weird arm action dancing. Because they are SO good. They might just be my favorite?
  5.  Great, authentic, pieces. Yes, you knew it. I am gearing up to talk about Annie from A Vintage Touch. It's just so hard when she has so much good stuff. What stuff, you ask? Trunks, suitcases, vases, bird cage stands, glassware, plates, rungs (what are rungs? autocorrect you suck, now I lost my train of thought), huge chalkboards, small chalkboards, accent pieces, couches and chairs, doors, arbors, signage. Basically enough to furnish 4 small homes, or 1 large, Jake Gyllenhaal sized mansion (2,826 square feet. easy.)
  6. A great send off. So, there are two things you need, you can get either/or but my suggestion is both. 1) Photofetti. Don't get scared, it's bigger than regular confetti, and PERSONALIZED -- oh yeah. That means you can have little circles of fluttery paper featuring your face and the bridal parties to toss in the air and yell woopie! with. 2) Kabuki streamers. It's fun to say and EASY to clean up. JoAnn's sells it and they are fun. JoAnn's also always has 50% off coupons. That is nifty-thrifty. Photos to come later. gater.

Well as the British say (see Miranda Hart's show: Miranda, with Tom Ellis/Lucifer/Augustman -- minor drool) #TheBigFakeWedding was 'such fun!'

Cheers and have a great holiday weekend!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,