If you’re a wedding vendor in Minnesota then you’ve likely heard about TCWEP. But incase you’re new that stands for



Now you know.

And if you are truly new - then I think it important to check out this blog about the best wedding planning tool (for business owners), and also this one about how to wait for wedding photos, and this one about my own wedding. So you can get a feel for me and how I run my business.

Perhaps you were about to email me with your information in the hopes that I will blindly send you millions of clients - I get it, but read on for vital information.

If you are a new business looking to get connected then you need to attend a networking meeting.


As an attendee you get to see people you love, meet new ones you don't know yet, and eat something that tastes good. Networking is a fancy business term for getting-to-know-the-person-behind-the-business-card.

Muy importante.

In fact I don’t even like business cards. I’m down to my last three (from an original pack of 2000) and I likely am not reordering.

As a meeting sponsor, you'll get to showcase your calligraphy, your venue, your catering, your photography skills. Or, if you’re me, you get to pull it all together and force your friends to give more of themselves than they thought they would. I sincerely appreciate the vendors I’ve met at TCWEP and work with them every summer, like Allison at https://www.ue-mn.com/ or Tom with Onsite , they are actually staple vendors for backyard weddings.

Prosperity, Love, & Happiness,