I know you've heard me talk about TCWEP. But incase this is the first ever blog post of Sixpence Standard, that you've ever ever read, well, then.... Twin. Cities. Wedding. AND Event. Professionals. Bam! Now you know. And if this is truly your first time here -- then I think it important to check out this blog about videographers, and also this one about bridal makeup, and this one about inspiration sources for weddings.

If you are a new business looking to get connected (perhaps you were about to email me with your information in the hopes that I will blindly send you millions of clients - I get it, but read on for vital information) then you need to attend a networking meeting. Pronto. As an attendee you get to see people you love, meet new ones you don't know yet, and, hopefully, eat something that tastes good. Networking is a fancy business term for getting-to-know-the-person-behind-the-business-card. Muy importante.

As a meeting sponsor, you'll get to showcase your calligraphy, your venue, your catering, your photography skills. Or, if your me, you get to pull it all together and force your friends to give more of themselves than they thought they would. This last meeting was great- but not just because I planned it (I'm not that haughty). This last meeting was great because, well, just look.

And if you are wondering about who printed those menus and who did the fancy table cloths, and where you can find that delicious food? Well I will tell you. First of all Thanks to Coppersmith Photography - Amy took the photos and if she hadn't I would have had to draw you a real life picture of the event, and I am no artist (but if you need one check out Cait Courneyashe can draw). Mani Mela provided the linens and floral - yes, you heard right, one company that does both floral and linen. Live Love Last printed the coasters (which double as a favor), the programs, the menus and the table numbers - their designers were so easy to work with and delivered a product that will literally last and last and you'll love them and live with them... (perhaps that was the inspiration of the business name?). Pinstripes in Edina hosted our shin dig - they would have let us bowl if we wanted to, but there was too much networking to be done. It was nice too to have a family style meal - sharing conversation + pasta = yum. And lastly the whole event was coordinated by yours truly, because, like I said - not every event is a wedding!

SO what do you think? Don't you just love the white on white design on those table linens? Aren't you excited to head to Pinstripes for some bruschetta and a free glass of wine (during happy hour)?? Me too. I mean, I do as well.


Prosperity, Love, & Happiness,