From Kickstarter to Brick and Mortar: Amy's Cupcake Shoppe Success

This is more than exciting. To see a fellow wedding vendor start with a small idea of baking cakes for friends and family -- to this AMAZING corner spot storefront. Go Amy. It's yer bir-day. And we goin' party like it's -well, like it's a GRAND OPENING!

So, here's a bit about Amy, I was able to preen through a recent conversation with her to get the juicy details on life as a sweet shoppe owner! But don't forget to join us, July 14th. Be there, or be in serious need of a sugar pick me up.

How old were you when you first had a macaron? Oh, man, it was probably 2012, it was inspiring.

Macarons can do that, inspire. Like that blackberry filled one you gave me the other day, it inspired me to interview you (perhaps don't give me too many more of those?). I'd never ask you if you like sweets, not liking baked goods and being a baker is like not liking weddings and being a wedding planner, but what is your favorite non-Amy's Cupcake Shoppe treat? In the summer it is probably: chocolate flourless torte with raspberry coulis on top, fancy.

What new item is on the menu? Liège waffles for... Waffle Wednesday! These aren't an ordinary breakfast baked good - made with brioche based dough and Belgian pearl sugar. Crispy. Delicious. Bomb.

How does being a shoppe owner, a female entrepreneur and a mom all jive together? (*read with a hint of sarcasm*) Oh my god it's so amazing, I do the best job everyday. I am living the dream of every woman in the world and it just makes me want to explode inside.

Obviously, I amuse myself. But really, it's way better having a shop than working from home. I get to leave to go to work but then I go home. That means I spend more quality time with my family, I can have a real weekend instead of working all the time. Not just my husband and kids, I get to hang out with all my family and even people not related to me. I mean, I still have to get up early the next day, so there's that. But really it's the best here! I get to have pretty window displays and meet magical people who can do what I cannot.

You're welcome. (kidding, more of that sarcasm stuff). If you could add one item to your menu, what would it be? Peanut butter cookie sandwiches. They are (insert adult word here) amazing. I am going to make them, but I'm wanting to save something to do for after the grand opening. 

How excited are you about this grand opening!? MMMM (insert adult word of choice here) super excited! There's like 400 people interested, so they should all come. I am SUPER excited. It's also Raspberry Festival, which we are totally going to be in the thick of, with everything that we've got going on there's something for everyone. Only one person has an excuse not to be there, and that's the guy at the carpet store a few doors down - he's on vacation.

After the dust settles, you'll still have some of those vendor-sponsors as neighbors, what are some things we can look forward to still seeing? We will be sponsoring an upcoming event with LTD Brewing Co., City Girl Coffee is still on tap, Pub 819 has got some great ideas about cupcake flights... Mainstreet is this great community, you could spend your whole day here. Word of mouth is king - 'go eat at this place, then come here for desserts' or 'after you're done with your scone go check out the antique stores'. Plus there's this whole wedding and events part of my business. We've got ballroom dancing across the street, Heartstring Bridal over on 16th, two photographers on the block, Venture being right next door. Mostly, I just look forward to supporting other businesses on my block; collaboration over competition, you know?

Meanwhile for all you people out there that are interested, check out the details... head over to EventBrite or the Facebook Event Page and tell us what you are looking most forward to!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,



Video by Acowsay. Graphic Design by (top) Style Mark Media (bottom) Beverly Napurski. Photos by I Love Photography