Hello I am a planner. My job is to do things for you. Send emails, organize information and people, and tell at least 4 jokes per hour. Sometimes it may seem like you don't need help, but we all do, it's a fact of life, or living, or living life. So read on as I reveal...

  1. Turning down vendors you think aren't a good fit for you and your wedding. It's not awkward for me because I really truly believe that there's enough to go around, that the vendor you choose should be a good fit for you and vice versa. You want a wonderful wedding and your wedding vendors want the same.
  2. Reaching out to vendors. Your schedule is busy, amiright? Mine allows for time to do those menial tasks like emailing and responding and reminding and responding and reminding. Why? Because it's my j-o-b.
  3. Timeline. This is a must and it is necessary and it helps, everyone. Timelines need to have information and backup information and not be fourteen pages long. I got this one.
  4. Sorting out what photos you'd like and where and making sure there's a plan to take them. Pinterest, oh lovely boards of incredible photos. Unfortunately Pinterest and google docs haven't quite collaborated yet to map out your wedding photo wishes in an organized manner, with notes and hints on how and when to capture said photos. Luckily, I can do this the old fashioned way, by working with your photographer and carrying a checklist.
  5. Speaking of photos... Getting detail shots set up for your photographer. You know, lay down shots -- like trendier than trendy. See any photo involving a coffee cup and a computer on Instagram. You'll want these, because they are cute and adorable.
  6. Directing your family where to go, where to stand and what to do when. Think cruise director on land (unless you get married on a yacht). I become the friendliest #bosslady you ever saw.
  7. Grabbing you a cocktail - sit down my friend and enjoy your nuptials.
  8. Cueing the DJ. DJs know their shit, but they don't always know you, or your preferences. And not all DJs are experts at the non-music, non-disc jockeying stuff. That's just how it goes.
  9. Setting tables. This one is actually incredibly important. Not all venues will put the fluff on the tables and some florists just drop off centerpieces. So, you need someone to set everything perfectly, or you need to know someone who knows someone.
  10. Making you happy in general. You know, like reminding you of just how pretty you are, how wonderful a day it's been and is being, and how lovely everything is, period. Pushing anything less than amazing out of the way and celebrating your life with you moment by moment!

That's just the tip of the ice berg, need more tasks? I got you girl. Click here and tell me all about your wedding planning woes and what you need help with!

And as a bonus, here are 10 vendors you need to get to know, because I know them, and I love them, and they are such reliable wedding vendors, and friendly professionals, and their wedding services prices are great, and just click on them already!

(top to bottom row; left to right) A Vintage Touch | Ashley Elwill Photography | Bluebird Cakery | Che Bella | Cici Events | Gastro Truck | Lovely Letter Design Co | Neckwerk Entertainment | Storyteller Videography | Uy-Lennon

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